How To Beat The Police State

How To Beat The Communist State

Important Information

As you know we are all doing our best to get the truth out. Each of us have our own email list of family, friends and acquaintances. We can tell others of this blog site and other Christian Patriotic sites but is there anything else we can do?

As you know, we are here because of the threats from social media giants and banning of accounts that they don’t like.

Fight Back With Autoresponders

If you have an autoresponder, you can always stay in touch with those you know and love. You can use this to help spread the truth more than if Facebook and YouTube never banned your account. Yes, having your own autoresponder is even better than if Facebook, Twitter and YouTube never banned you account. With an auto-responder you’ll be able to do things that the social media platforms can not do. First, let me digress a bit for those who don’t know what an autoresponder is. If you already know, you can skip over this area and continue reading.

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. With the correct kind of autoresponder, people can sign up to your newsletter. This newsletter can be sent out in sequential order at certain times – all set by you!

The simple autoresponder just sends the standard response such as: “Sorry, we are not in right now but we’ll get back to you right away.” The email service that I’m talking about is one where people sign up and they receive whatever you want to send out in the order that you wrote the articles.


Send out news to every subscriber right away
Send out a series of emails that you wrote in advanced, sent at certain intervals (based on your choice)
Send attachments such as PDF books
Subscribers can opt-out at any time
Send 100, 1,000 or 10,000 emails at one time

Using Autoreponders To Spread Real News

By using the correct autoresponder, you can send out email on subjects that Facebook would ban you for, as this is not on their platform, therefore, they have no control over it.

Check out the videos on by Clicking Here

At ’email marketing for you’, you’ll be able to educate people one-step at a time! This is a HUGE advantage of reaching more people without turning them off. What do I mean by that? Many times, as you know, when you try to tell someone about a conspiracy of a certain kind, they don’t believe you. And often the reason is, that they don’t know of a ‘couple of steps’ that they should have learned before they heard what you just told them. It’s like going to school and learning about algebra before you know about multiplication. Then before they can learn their multiplication they have to know their addition and subtraction lessons first. If mathematics is taught out of order, no one would be able to understand it – as you can easily see.

Say you have a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on it, some of them might have more truth than they can handle – all because people clicked your videos at random. But with the right kind of autoresponder, this will never happen. Why? Because they are sent out in order as YOU wrote them – regardless of when they joined. All of this is done on automatic pilot. Once you set it up you don’t have to touch it again.

In having the right kind of autoresponder, you can teach people one-step at a time on whatever topic that you are well learned in. You can write up a whole series of emails in advanced (it can be on or several articles in length).

You can have 10 articles or 100 articles all lined up and spaced out a few days apart. In the emails, you can have links to PDF books where they can learn a lot more; links to any website; pictures inserted in the emails, etc.

Everyone Learns One Step At A Time

You can have a subscriber that is on email number 27, another one on 48, one 56 and one who just joined. The person that just joined, he/she would be getting Issue #1. The software behind takes care of who gets what issue. To do this by hand would be a nightmare.

Also, the fact that a good autoresponding company is handling this, means you can mail out to your whole list – no matter how big it it – even if you have 10,000 people. Try sending this out with your Gmail or Yahoo account! They would probably close you down saying that you were spamming people. But with this will not happen.

I hope you see the power in having your own email newsletter.

30 Day Free Trail

If you go to my link above, you will get 30 day free trial to test it out. There are many videos to help you set up and send out your campaigns. If you would like to continue, it costs only $19/month. You can cancel at any time; you might just want to try out the Free Trail – that’s OK.

Just think of the power of getting out the Truth as you’d want to do!

As a side note, Aweber is great for businesses – as it’s designed for marketing. If you have a business you can use the same account. All you have to do is create a separate mailing list. Your social list and your business list all on one account.

You can set up your newsletter and charge people a small fee as you would if you had to send out newsletters during the days of ‘snail mail’. So, you can easily recover the cost of this.

Find out more – absolutely for free! Click Here.

PS. I do get a small commission if you should join 😉 You can join through the parent company but it will not save you any more. Your support of the work I’m doing is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more articles on how to circumvent the Communist State.

God Bless,


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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