Julian Assange and former Ecuadorian President Correa

Julian Assange and former Ecuadorian President Correa

  What a neat coincidence. Former Ecuadorian President calls Lenin Moreno greatest traitor in history for handing over Assange, and gets suspended from Facebook for… wait for it… reposting an account number of Moreno’s offshore account that was leaked by Wikileaks. That account number was posted many times on FB by other people, but only Correa with his 1.5 mil followers got slapped with a ban.

In a separate tweet responding to Moreno’s announcement of the handover, Correa further tore into what he called “one of the most atrocious acts [and the] fruit of servility, villainy and revenge.”

“From now on worldwide, the scoundrel and betrayal can be summarized in two words: Lenin Moreno,” the popular former president added.

The removal of Correa’s page for violating Facebook’s “community standards” is an unprecedented move, and the former statesman is the most high-profile public political figure to ever be removed from the social platform.

Also, the current President of Ecuador, Moreno, received $4.2 billion from the IMF. Could this have anything to do with an agreement for allowing the UK police to kidnap Julian Assange? I think so!

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