A Reader Comments On Why The Sky Is Blue

A Reader Comments On Why The Sky Is Blue

  I thought I would include a very nice comment by a fellow Reader. I’ll leave his name out for privacy.

I’ve never given thought to why the sky is blue but, this morning as I’m looking up into a perfectly clear blue sky it made me think that the only possibility is that this blue we see on a clear day must be/has to be the waters above the firmament, was this the holy Spirit of God that made me think of this blue sky phenomenon, it absolutely has to be the waters above the firmament spoken about in the Holy scriptures that can explain this beautiful blue sky, why after 52 years of my life did I give thought to y this guy can be blue if we are in the outer space of the universe which is filled with darkness so again just more proof that the holy scriptures R-Truth anyhow thank you for your explanation as to why the sky is so blue and beautiful it has to be the waters above the firmament no other explanation is possible, NASA and other space agencies are nothing but lying deceitful evil agencies put in place by the devil to deceive us even more, so thank God this Revelation came to me this morning as I am sitting out looking into this beautiful blue sky and why the thought crossed my mind only God knows but that is the only true explanation for us seeing a blue sky it has to be just like the Holy Scripture say when God separated the waters above and below the firmament the Bible is so true if only we can read it and allow the words to come alive and explain to us in our spirit all of these questions only God himself can give us and again NASA and all of the other agencies that perpetrate lies and deception about things concerning Earth and the outer atmosphere and outer space I don’t believe we could ever send anything and get it to go beyond the firmament the governments of the world spoon feed we the People or we The herd a bunch of lies hoping we will buy there lies okay thanks again for educating me or helping me understand why the sky is blue, so God bless have a blessed day, and amen!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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5 Responses to A Reader Comments On Why The Sky Is Blue

  1. Leo Wong says:

    It makes perfect sense the reason the sky is blue during the daytime is because of the water above the firmament being reflected just like if you were flying over a lake or ocean, you’ll also see blue below. I once read that it’s blue because of the hydrogen component of H2O (water/aqua).

    Have you ever wondered why the US and Soviet militaries tried to nuke the sky? They attempted to bust through the solid firmament and of course, they failed. The Simpson’s mocked God when they had an episode where a hit baseball cracked the dome above and water burst through the opening and flooded the baseball field.


  2. SilverPhoenix333 says:

    Is the firmament made of ice then? Is that why it gets closer the higher up we go and there is snow and ice covered mountain tops?


    • revealed4you says:

      I have no idea, but we are told in Scripture that the firmament is beaten out. To me, that would indicate some type of metal but I could be wrong. Thanks for your question.


  3. SilverPhoenix333 says:



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