The Wings of the Earth

From Flat Earth News

December 1992

babylonian map  The expression “wings of the earth” which occurs in the Bible (usually translated “ends” as in Job 38.13) is sometimes appealed to as proof that the earth is a sphere and flying, as it were, around the Sun.

Rotherham, in the Emphasized Bible, says that the reference to “wings” is “simply poetic” language for “ends of the earth” – p. 525. But the expression could be derived from some ancient concept of the world, certainly not in accord with modern theories. For example, this “Babylonian map of the world about the sixth century B.C. Taken from a tablet in the British Museum. It portrays the earth as a circular disc, with “the seas surrounding the world indicated by the large circles…the two broken vertical lines represent the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.”

babylon map

Babylonian Map 500 BC

  What makes the map so interesting is that it depicts wings extending from the rim of the world: the biblical “wings of the earth?” These symbolic wings represent the fact of the earth floating on the waters, so this piece of evidence, contemporary to the days of the Bible, shows us what, if anything, the expression “wings of the earth” refers to: not a sphere flying through the sky or space, buut a flat disc floating on the surface of the primordial waters – of the deep or ocean (Gen. 1.9-10)

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