Your iPhone Is Tracking Every Step You Make

Your iPhone Is Tracking Every Step You Make

This is not full proof but this video does show you what the Communist State is doing. While this tracking is not compliance right now, you can turn it off. But even if it becomes law, doesn’t mean that you have to comply with it. Unless your god is the State and not the Creator.

My solution is, that you really don’t need a iPhone. Just get one of those old mobile phones where there is no GPS tracking. After all, do you really have to go on social media when you are out? No!

Here are the instructions to make it easier on what to do:

Settings, Privacy, Locations Services, System Services, Significant Locations. Then it will ask you for your password; enter that. Then you’ll be shown all the locations that you’ve been to with the time. You have to delete the History first. Go all the way to the bottom and tick Clear History. Click Confirm History. Then you are all done.

In the Locations that is listed it even tells you what shops you’ve been in and how long!

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