Controlling The Future By Creating Disasters

Controlling The Future By Creating Disasters

Have you ever thought how evil people control the future by creating disasters? If you take the recent New Zealand shootings, it is turning out as I predicted. There is an agenda for all this, just like there is for other mass shootings – to get certain laws passed that would not have been possible otherwise.

The talk by the politicians and relayed to us by the talking media heads is, “We must go after extreme right anti-immigration groups.” They are doing this now in New Zealand and Australia, of which we are told by the BBC, “That this has a world-wide edge.” The plan is quite obvious and that is, to ban groups and political parties that are anti-immigration. With the rise of new political parties in Europe, the antichirsts are definitely afraid of the the new trend. They must stop those who are against their New World Order and getting all the races to mix – with the exception of the ‘self-chosen few’ who will dominate the world.

Another way that they are controlling the future by creating these mass shootings is, by outlawing guns. They will use a step-by-step process where not all guns are outlawed but only certain ones, until you get like England where the only guns the people can own are shot guns.

Finally, you hear the word “far right terrorists” trying to make anyone who is on the “right” as terrorists. Of course, the final aim is to outlaw any group and political party that the Edomites determine are right wing.

The people, of course, will go along with the passage of new laws in the heat of the emotional storm that these two mosques shooting has caused. It’s just like what they did in the 9-11 attack in New York City, when they pass the “Patriot Act”, which is really a misnomer. Though the people would still would have been against it, that was no problem for the Edomites. In fact, they were even afraid that most politicians would be against it, so Congress was forced to vote on it without reading the bill. This sounds like something that could only happen in a Communist country. Well, you are right, for America is really a Communist country! Don’t believe me? Look at the Communist Manifesto, which are the requirements to take over a nation. Nine of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto have been in place in America for many decades now.

So, that his how the future can be controlled – by creating mass shootings and other disasters in the present.

Will this enable the antichrists to win? No. We are given victory in the book of Revelation!



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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