The Recent Blood Moon Media Slip Up

The Recent Blood Moon Media Slip Up

Did you catch the Blood Moon slip up?

Blood Moon seen around the world recently has video (see above).

People from: UK, Los Angeles, Cuba, Argentina, and Africa saw it? IF the world is round, how can people see through the earth? How can people see something if they are looking in the wrong direction?

Take out a globe and point in the directions that people would be looking if they live in the respective countries. Place another ball a distance from the globe Earth. Now, how can they see it if the earth is a globe.

Place the ball the same distance but scaled down as the Moon is from the Earth. Now, if the Earth is 8,000 miles in diameter and the Moon is approximately 234,000 miles away. That would mean that the ball you use for the Earth should be a distance of about 30 balls away. So, imagine yourself on this ball – would you be able to see the Moon? Well, the fact is, that the Moon was seen, pictures were taken. That means that the Earth is flat; it’s the only way for everyone to see it.

Globe earth believers can’t hide it anymore. They can continue to lie but people are waking up. The internet is helping people see the truth. Since people from around the world can post pictures and videos, and anyone is free to see them, that means they can see what is going on live. Just like the video that was posted in this, ever so politically correct, The Guardian.

Try doing this when discussing the flat Earth with someone for the first time. Don’t mention the world ‘flat Earth,’ but tell about the video. Say you have a question, ‘How can people from all these places see the full Moon at the same time (about the same time)? They are looking in different directions and they can’t see through the round Earth.’ You might even draw a picture to help them visualise this in their minds. Wait what they say.

Now, people who are confronted with this would have to do one of the following:

1 Say they don’t know and show no other interest.

2 Really start thinking about it.

You might give a little hint and say, ‘How would all the people have to be positon to see the Moon at the same time? Let’s talk about simple physics here.’

You might go a step further and draw figures of people looking up, the Moon above them, and arrows drawn from each person to the Moon so they can see the relationship.

Hopefully they would say, ‘Do you think that the earth is flat?’

‘Wow! I never thought about that.’ 🙂



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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