How Many People Have To Be Involved In A Conspiracy?

How Many People Have To Be Involved In A Conspiracy?

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A question asked by this astro-not is, “How many people have to be involved in a conspiracy?” (Part one of this video was shown in a previous post.) How I would answer this is, by definition, if you have two or more people who know something that the public doesn’t know, it can be called a conspiracy. Now, this guy thinks that it would be impossible to have many people in on a conspiracy. This is not true. A prime example is, The Manhattan Project. This was a research project that was started my the Americans to make an atomic bomb. Do you know how many people were in on this? Records show 25,000! Now that is a lot. Yet, this this secret was successful – not only being hidden from the American public, but also from the Germans.

The fact is, that you don’t need that many people involved in a conspiracy. Take, for example, that we didn’t fly to the Moon. Sure there were people who had to keep their mouths shut but many of them really didn’t know that we didn’t fly to the Moon, though they worked on the project. Because everything was compartmentalised.

People who worked on making part of the space capsule didn’t know that the footage was faked. The fact that they worked at Martin Marietta, for example, would not question the official stand. After all, if their company was given work and millions of dollars, they reasoned that it must be real. The same thing can be said for those who worked on the rocket casing, the rocket engines, the spacesuits, etc. They could not conserve that the end result would be faked. They were told that we went to the Moon and they accepted it with question.

Those that worked at Martin Marietta were not different than those who work at an air plane factory. They did their job, operate the machines, took their lunch break, and went home to enjoy a relaxing eventing. The only difference is that one group of workers thought they were working to put a man on the Moon.

Even the crew aboard the Navy ships would honestly think that they are retrieving astronauts that came from outer space. You look up, see a space capsule coming in, and you assume that it came from a quarter of a million miles up. So, the vast majority would not be knowingly in on the conspiracy. But of course, this guy in the video, who flaunts his knowledge, thinks that it is us, the flat earthers, are lying. In fact, in Video 1, he said, “Most of the flat earthers are trolls; some sincere but most of them are trolls.” Where did he get this? Did he take a pole? Did he read the minds of flat earthers? No, he just pulled this out of the air!

Only the astro-nots would be in on the conspiracy, as well as the highest up in NASA.

Astro-nots are told to lie. In fact, to them, there is no problem because most of them belong to a Masonic Lodge. Part of being in such an organization is, that you have to keep secrets and lie. While others have no qualms of lying – because they believe its in the the interest of national security. Others would be told to sign a secrecy agreement and if they reveal anything, they would face prison. Now, like most people, these people who work at NASA have a family and have bills to pay, so they go along. The people that are highest up in various space agencies around the world are not Christian; they hate Christ and Christians. And one way to “fight” back is to make the world believe that there is an impersonal God and that the Bible was written by man who just made up all these stories.

To sum up:

It’s easy for a conspiracy to be kept going
You don’t need that many people involved
Most of what is done is compartmentalised
The people that are at the most high places are simply antichrists


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to How Many People Have To Be Involved In A Conspiracy?

  1. Dr. λ, Creator of Variables, Binder of Variables, Applicator of Terms, Checker of Types, β-Reducer of β-Redexes says:

    Good article, however did you really mean to say “They were told that we went to the Moon and they accepted it with question.”? I think that they probably accepted it without question like most people do.


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