Walking Across the Antarctic

Walking Across the Antarctic

Recently we read about a man from the UK hiked across the Antarctic. Some people might use this as proof that the earth is a globe or that you can freely travel across it the Antarctic.

What most people don’t realise is that you are not walking across the middle of this “continent.” That when there are foolish people doing this, they are given a map of where to go. What they are really doing is walking across a slice of the Antarctic; if they were really walking across the interior, they would be stopped by the military of one country or another. So, they are told where to go and these brave explorers assume that the military is giving them a true map across the middle of it. What they are given is a trail that is far enough inland that they do not see the ocean. And a trail that would be the length of what the Antarctic is suppose to be on a globe map.

I would not be surprised that the starting point name of some base and the ending point name is placed on a map that looks like it’s on the opposite side of the globe earth Antarctica. Whereas, in reality, they just hundreds of miles apart. This is easy enough to do.

It was sometime in the past that world government military leaders (mostly the US) decided they had to have a false map, as people will want to walk across it. Otherwise people would wonder they they can’t trek across it. So, this was the plan.


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