Highest Decorated Green Beret Office of the Vietnam War Tells It Like It Is

Highest Decorated Green Beret Office of the Vietnam War Tells It Like It Is

Lt. Colonel Bo Gritz is a person that I personally had the honour to meet.

Lt. Colonel James Bo Gritz the real Rambo, commanded detachment “B-36,” U.S. Army Special Forces. With 62 decorations for valor, Gritz was the most decorated Green Beret of the Vietnam War. In the 1980’s Gritz undertook a series of private trips into Southeast Asia, purportedly to locate United States prisoners of war which as part of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue some believed were still being held by Laos and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Top Government Officials Involved in the Drug Trade


Remember George H. W. Bush who died recently? Here is something that you didn’t know. You’ll hear a lot more of what went on in high military/political circles, too, in this video.


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