Good Bible Scholars Don’t Always Get It Right

Good Bible Scholars Don’t Always Get It Right

  You may have a good Bible scholar that you follow and learn a lot but let us not be deceived that everything he/she says is correct. Case in point in one person wrote who is a critic of the flat earth. He used the following verse:

Jeremiah 31:37 Thus saith the LORD; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the LORD.

This verse is plain and understandable – you don’t need a degree in theology to understand that IF man can measure the foundations of the earth that God will cast off the seed of Israel. Since we know that God has not cast off His Chosen People, which means the foundations have not been measured. In other words flat earthers have not measure it – which no flat earth believer claims! Mr Finck should understand this as well as others who might use this verse in support of their globe earth belief.

Flat earthers are in agreement with this verse, since we NEVER said that the foundations can be measure. BUT, we know that the earth HAS foundations because God said so! A globe or any ball has no foundations; anything moving has no foundations! What can’t they understand about this? To know something has foundations doesn’t mean that you have measured it.

We know that the foundations can’t be measure (by mortal man). By the way, how can Finck, Anderson, Hovind and others explain God using the word “foundations” if the earth is a spinning ball? But a flat stationary earth can have foundations. Just like your own home has foundations – which is most probably square or rectangle, flat and stationary.


“If the heaven above can be measured…” All flat earth believers know that we can’t measure the heaven above. One heaven is between the firmament and where God’s Kingdom is (Heaven with a capital “H”). As flat earth believers we know that we can’t get past the firmament, as God calls it. In order to measure the heaven above, we would have to get past that and go were the stars are; how deep is this layer? we don’t know. Since we can’t do this, this means that “heaven above has not been measure by man, which means that we, the racial descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has NOT been cast off by God Almighty.

I know that there have been attempts to blast through the firmament, which we should have NEVER attempt to do. IF we did, who knows what we would encounter. No flat earther believes or claims to know what gas or “atmosphere” it is made up of, or IF we could even fly in it if it was possible.

Why heliocentric believers think that Jeremiah 31:37 applies is, that they ASSUME what they’ve been told in astronomy class is true – that there is limitless space that can not be measured. While geocentric believers know that there is a layer of some kind of where this heaven is. Though it is limited in size that doesn’t mean you can measure it. So, this space where the stars are applies to our defense.

The Uncountable In Finite or Infinite

You can have an uncountable in something that is finite and not just infinite. To give you an example, if I had a large gum ball machine and I asked you go count them, but because of the glass, you can only count so many, you will never be able to count them all. (I said count and not guess the number.) So, this would be no different than if you had an ocean full of gum balls that you can see. What I’m trying to say is, that you can have something that mankind can not measure even though it has definite dimensions to it; it doesn’t have to be limitless space. But our detractors can not think outside of the box.

Common Mistakes By Critics

Critics have to assume something so they can give a reply. If they didn’t, they would have no reply at all.

There is another common mistake globe earth believers make (for many, it’s deliberate) and that is, they deliberately ignore other important issues that should be addressed. If they did address them, they would have NO defence. In fact, they would become flat eathers, too! An example of this is:

  • Have they ever seen a ball of water?
  • Why is there no curvature of the earth?
  • How can you have a vacuum in an open system?

Of course, they answer “it’s gravity”. Gravity is the catch-all, magical system that can explain the most outlandish story.

In short, there are many other laws of physics, if you will, that globe earth believers ignore. They have to, or, God forbid, they would believe in this crazy idea of a flat stationary earth.

Finally, what Christians do who believe in a ball-spinning earth is, that whatever new information that they are exposed to, if it’s contrary to what they have already been told – and most probably believe – they interpret the Scriptures to fit what they have been told. They think that to question what they have been told is, somehow, blasphemy against God; that is what one preacher by the name of Steven Anderson, would have you believe. He actually said on video that if you are a flat earth believer you are blaspheming the name of God. And he shouted this in a strange manner! To me, that is what cult leaders do. Now, Anderson is not a cult leader but by some things that he says, he’s falling into that trap. Has Anderson every consider what he had been told by astronomers is blasphemous? After all, they are the ones who support the NWO and are most probably atheists.

In Summary

  • Notice what flat earth critics avoid discussing
  • Notice how they assume things as true that they have been told
  • How they assume what we believe in or say that we never did
  • How they fit the Scripture to fit their current world outlook

Hopefully this article will help you when you talk to a flat earth critic.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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