They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

This reminds me of saying that goes like this: “I’m sorry that I made you upset; the next time I’ll tell a lie!”

Well, if you hold back what you know, you could be keeping someone in ignorance, too. True, there are some who want to continue in their blissful ignorance but we don’t know which ones, so we must tell others.

I’m not saying that you should wear a sign and walk down the street; that you should stand on the street corner – unless you want to. In short, you should not make yourself a pest as the cult religions we have. But you can tell others in your own way.

If you are afraid that you might loss your job, there are other ways of telling people the truth. You can simply say, “Have you seen those videos on YouTube about the flat earth?” Or, “I wonder how water can stay on a ball? Of how we can all stand here and not feel the 65,000 mph wind as we travel around the sun?”

You can ask leading questions and by their answer, you’ll know if they want to learn more or keep ignorant. Then, take it from there.

If they are interested, they will ask for more information; they will start researching it on their own. But we must, in our own way, do what we can. If you are in a position where you can not do that, you can make a donation to those who are willing to put their neck on the “chopping block” to get the truth out. What will you say when you are at the Judgement Seat?

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

  1. Mr Geoffrey Ellis says:

    I’ve calculated the speed of the Earth’s orbit around the sun myself. It is quite easy to do. Based on the distance of the sun from Earth (92,900,000 miles) and the time taken to orbit one revolution (365.25 days) the speed is 66,600 mph (rounded up to the nearest 100). When we are told that the tilt of the Earths axis is exactly 23.4 degrees from the vertical we can deduce that it is 66.6 degrees from the horizontal. Wait a minute, 666 has this recurring number any significance? Where have I seen this number before? Must be just a coincidence!
    Great post thanks.I appreciate the notifications and read them all.


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