And They Turned The World Upside Down, Part 2

And They Turned The World Upside Down, Part 2

Reporters covering the chemtrail display.

Continuing in Acts 17:5-7, about turning the world upside down, there is much, much more to this than just the flat earth being opposite to what the world government would like you to believe.

Every belief that the government/academia is trying to push down our throats is opposite to what it should be. So, if you know that, then the opposite is true, and this is the full meaning of “turning the world upside down.”


Here is just a short list of what is being forced down our collective throats:

our system of government


race relations

  • homosexuality
  • immigration
  • what is taught in schools and universities
  • much of what is written about history
  • health
  • foreign policy
  • economy
  • certain national and international events
  • etc.

This is not meant to be a complete list but it’s a start.

Think of all that we are told about the above topics, what we read in the news, and you’ll find that just the opposite is true. The enemies of Christ are in total control and with it, they would have you believe just the opposite of what should be. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of them.

We know that many wars that America has been in we should have stayed out. If you look at the Iraq debacle under President Bush, when we were told that they had “weapons of mass destruction,” they didn’t. Or Muammar Gaddafi that he was a dictator. So, what if he was, there is no place in our Constitution that we should invade other countries because they have a bad leader. Yet under Gaddafi produced a prosperous country.

Look at what is taught in schools. We have sex education for children – and graphically at that. We have courses in the social sciences that basically tell us that we should get along with any misfit or sexual pervert. Then, of course, we are taught about our country (insert your own here); that it was right in every war that they had been in – with the exception if your country was on the losing side.

We are told that we should allow anybody who can get their backside across the boarder is welcomed; that they should be given jobs, housing, money and our women.

History books have changed where you can’t find anything positive about the White Christian man. And if he was from the South United States, a Christian and German descent, he is really marginalised in society and the workplace!

We are told, concerning WWII, that it was OK as a Christian nation to walk arm and arm with atheist, godless Soviet Union but it was OK to fight your Christian brethren!

We are told that if you don’t believe in some aspects of WWII, as it’s written, you are subject to a couple of years in prison, as is the case in France and Germany.

We are told that there is no cure or even effective remedy for cancer, diabetes and heart disease; that somehow toxic medicine is what we should have when you have cancer. If you should tell others that there is a cure for cancer or even an effective remedy and you sell such a remedy, you can go to prison. In fact, in the UK you can’t have the word “cure” on your book.

We are told by “science” what foods are good when just the opposite is true. We are told that a vegetarian diet is dangerous; we are told that if you have cancer you should have chemotherapy when all of this is a lie. And the list goes on and on.

We are lied to when we are told the national unemployment figures; when we are told we are in a Recession when, in reality, it’s a Depression. The biggest lie is, that only private banks should create money and that money must be loaned at interest, when, in reality, the government should issue the money into circulation debt free.

National Events
We are told just the opposite of certain national events. For example, that some Arabs took down the World Trade Towers in passenger planes, when it was really an inside job done with explosives. That a certain shooting occurred with X number of people killed, when, in reality no one was shot. All of this used to pass certain laws.

Let’s go back to Acts 17, we read in part:

5 But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.

How often do we see this on the news – rioters in the street, such as newly arrived immigrants. Or, it could be some other group demonstrating against something that they are lewd, they are the baser sort; they are the lowest of society. They could be the perverted queers in their lewd skimpy clothing with painting on their faces. But like what we read in the Bible, that there is some Jew behind it who envy the righteous; think, for example, of George Sorros.

This is exactly what we see today – just like what was written 2,000 years ago.

You know that you are right when you are called by these lewd people by such names as: racists, homophobic, anti-Semitic, nazi, radical, etc. Why? Because we are right; perhaps this is what we should be. The fact that we are hated so much and called some of these names is because if we had the laws that we should have, it would “turn their world upside down.”

You see, most of what we are told are lies in order to allow certain people to make billions of dollars off of the blood and labor of others. For example, the Rothschild and other banking dynasties make money off of war. Their blood-brothers make billions off of drugs.

White Christians are to accept homosexuals, which is used to break down the family and with it Christianity. Once Christianity is gone – or perverted – that means there’ll be no one who advocate God’s laws. If God’s laws were the law of the land, then certain industry will close down. There would also be certain people who could not live in a Christian land and would have to move out. Those who are into perversion will suffer the penalties that it brings.

We read in Deuteronomy 28:13 (KJV)
13 And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:

Which is another way of saying that Christians will turn their world upside down!

So, yes, let’s all work to bring the antichrists (and there are many of them as Christ said) to an end.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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