5-G Towers Being Rolled Out

5-G Towers Being Rolled Out

As you know 5-G towers are being rolled out, yet they are very dangerous to your health. If you are not familiar with 5-G towers, you can read more here, and do your own research. Click Here.

These dangerous towers are being rolled out in about a dozen cities across the US. With that in mind, here are some pictures of how they look like. The nature of these towers is that they have to be placed within a couple of hundred yards to each other. Which means that more than likely there will be one near your home when they are installed in your town.

What Should We Do?

This is a big question that you must decide and this will be based on your knowledge and the extent that you are willing to go to protect your family.

Some people might decide to move to a small town where 5-G towers will mostly likely be installed a couple of years later. Now, for those who think “there is no where to run, no where to hide,” here is something to consider. When these towers start causing cancer of various kinds and other neurological conditions, it could be so widespread that it would start effecting the technicians that install it; that it might be affecting the very people that are behind this. It would also be causing brain tumours to the police and military that would be called on to force this down our throats. When this happens, and it will, it’s just a matter of time that there’ll no one that the government can depend on to force their mandates 😉

There will probably be some people that will be taking out these boxes and towers with a high power rifle. But I see the previous happening first.

For those who think that Donald Trump if for making “American Great Again,” he is behind all this. Just read the following:

According to PublicIntegrity.org, the FCC is planning to vote in favor of rolling back the environmental review process for 5G infrastructure, and President Donald Trump seems to be in full support of this, having signed an executive order calling on federal agencies “to use all viable tools to accelerate” cell tower deployment on both rural and federal lands.

“Those towers are going to go up, and you’re going to have great, great broadband,” President Trump is quoted as saying.

Finally, there are those who prefer to live in another country and hope wait it out in safely until enough people suffer in America and other countries until they come to their senses. In the meantime, pray, and follow God’s Commandments the best you can.



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