Carbonaro Effect And How People Are Manipulated

Carbonaro Effect And How People Are Manipulated

Unlike most “magic” shows where talented magicians perform magic in front of people who fully expect to be tricked by apparent magic, Michael Carbonaro performs magic that’s presented as “normal” reality. In other words, he performs astonishing feats of sleight of hand, but then acts surprised when observers express astonishment at what they just witnessed. In most of his bits, he tries to convince the observers that what they just witnessed was completely normal (and even commonplace).

He accomplishes this through the application of social engineering strategies. Think of how everything else is being engineered. Long before there was Facebook and Twitter, there were the newspapers and TV.

How “social engineering” achieves mind control for the gullible masses

“Social engineering” describes the application of verbal strategies designed to invoke the innate social conformity desires of sheeple (i.e. people who don’t think for themselves but who want to fit in with the crowd). This was documented in 1896 by Gustave La Bon who wrote “The Crowd.” Nearly all people are actually sheeple. Very few individuals are willing to question a “consensus” put forth by others, even if that consensus is obviously false or violates the laws of physics.

When you think in terms what we are told about the Earth and the “trillions of planets” spinning and going in multiple directions at the same time, we simply believe what we are told. When you view this short video clip, people are told, “This is how we are doing it today…” and they believe it. So, think when we are told, “This is how Earth looks like and it’s traveling 65,000 mph around the sun…” we simply believe it. We don’t give critical judgement.

This can be applied to other areas, too, such as flu shots. For example, consider how many people are absolutely convinced that flu shots always work and are backed by exhaustive scientific trials, even when flu shot insert sheets openly admit the vaccines have been subject to no clinical trials whatsoever and aren’t backed by any clinical evidence of efficacy.

The point I want to make is, and the Mike Carbonaro videos show, that you can tell any kind of story and people will believe it; they just don’t use logic to see if this is true or not. You do have to tell a story or give an explanation but if people see something they’ll believe it rather than thinking to themselves that this is a trick or an illusion of some kind. Just like the stories that we are given that goes along with NASA’s CGI graphic – people will believe it. Now, we can see how people will believe anything.

In fake news, you can have any kind of video or pictures that go with it, twist and turn it in a completely fabricated story and people will believe it. He we see that you don’t have to be in a crowd and be effected by mass crowd hysteria, as individuals will believe whatever they are told.




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