How Strong Can “Gravity” Be?

How Strong Can “Gravity” Be?

Pictured here is Kepler-47 (made in Photoshop, no less).

How strong can gravity be? It was reported by NASA the other day that a planet’s moon exists right outside of our solar system called Kepler-1625b and that it’s 8,000 light years from the planet it orbits. How stupid can you get! Think about it, IF gravity exists, how can it exert force on a planet 8,000 light years away? But this is what we are told, otherwise it would not be a moon. Now, if the gravity of this planet is that strong, it would crush the planet itself.

Another foolish thing that the public is told is, that this is that this moon is named Kepler-1625b. This implies that there are other Keplers with lower numbers that should exist and be closer to our solar system. So, where are these other planets? They should be closer to us than this “1625” one. Where is planet or moon Kepler-521a (or is it c), for example? That should be closer to us. Anyhow, all of this is nonsense.



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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Gravity… it’s just a theory


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