Apple and Google Have Banned Freedom of Speech Apps

Apple and Google Have Banned Freedom of Speech Apps

It should not come as a surprise that Apple and Google banned freedom of speech for apps. Since they have banned freedom from certain people already because of their “politically incorrect” views, this is really no surprise.

If you are familiar with iPhones and iPads, you know what apps are. These are basically programs that you download that allows you to do different functions on your iPhone or iPad. Well, Apple and Google are doing their utmost to ban free speech.

I received an email from GAB two days ago that told me the news. GAB is a social media platform like Twitter but they allow those who have different beliefs, such as flat earth belief. Well, they made an app that is to be sold on Apple and Google App Store but they were turned down. Here is what GAB’s email said…


Gab has had mobile apps prepared for both iOS and Android devices since December of 2016. Unfortunately, due to Gab’s mission of defending free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information for everyone: Apple and Google have rejected and banned our apps from being listed in their App Stores.

Here is the easiest way to access Gab on mobile devices. For more help with Gab, visit our FAQ and help guides here.


I believe when companies violate laws of freedom they should be FOCRED to comply, if not, they should be taken to court and fined. It’s time we send in the Shock Troops to Google’s headquarters! Naturally, Apple and Google will shout like babies in saying it’s their “freedom of speech.” This is what all Leftists and antichristS do – UNTIL they get power. This is what the Communists did, historically. So, it’s not different now.

A company is no different from complying with the laws as an individual. It is my belief that a company can’t use the excuse “This is Google’s community policy…” What if an individual who murdered someone in their own home (outside of a criminal attacker) said, “This is Smith’s community policy…” and expect to get away with it – they can’t. So, should a company that takes away the inalienable rights given to us by our Creator, should be hold in compliance, too. Of course, I could go on and add a lot more but you get my point.

GAB’s URL is:

My question is, when will they prevent apps that tell real Bible truths? When will they do this for flat earth believers? Time will tell.

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Once the “shock troops” door has been opened, it won’t be closed again.


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