If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

Musings 19, September, 2018

         If Chemical Weapons Are Used Again

President Donald Trump threatened Syria that if chemical weapons are used again against Syrian civilians, they will use military action. We know that this is just an excuse for the US to oust President Assad from power. But do you realise how stupid it it? Do you see what side the US is really on and who they are supporting?

This is exactly what ISIS wants – real or imagined chemical attack! For, if this happens, they know that they will have the Syrian government destroyed, which is what they want, but the US will be doing it for them.

Anyone with common sense will know that this will encourage ISIS to use the chemical attacks – if they have to – and then call in “the White Helmets” to “document” this. If they don’t use it or don’t have any access to the chemical weapons, they know that the US does and will use it on their behalf. ISIS could not have wished for anything better! In fact, they know that no chemical weapons would have to be used at all – like last time. All they know is, that if a false flag event is created and followed by fake news, that’s as good as if deadly chemicals were really used. Then, the West will come to their rescue – all under the pretence that the West if fighting radical governments (in this case, President Assad).

Only time will tell to see what happens.

Evil All Around

When you stop and think of all the evil that is going on in the world such as: knife crimes in the city of London (and crime all over), of the sick murders that are going on around the world, of corrupt government, of lying in the press, in corporations, in the schools, people are asking why this is happening (if they care at all).

Sure, crime has been with us all through history and it’s wrong, but what I’m talking about is the frequency, the magnitude and the absolute horrific types of crime that is happening. And people are still asking why all of this is happening. Well, to Christians who really know their Bibles, they know it boils down to one fundamental reason and that reason is, that we do not following biblical laws.

The further away we get away from Yahweh’s laws, the more crime and immorality we have – it’s a “cause and effect” issue. So, if the atheists, agnostic, Buddhist or whatever other religion you can think of, thinks that they can run the government – look at the mess we are in. We have been told for decades that we should have a secular government. Well, look at what we have now! Isn’t it secular? It sure is!

When will it stop? It will stop with the return of Christ; it will stop when He changes the hearts and minds of the people. May God speed the day!

When you have so-called “moralists” say, “I’m not a Christian but I don’t believe in murder and stealing, either,” they really don’t have the whole picture. You can’t really have people who are not Christian run the government; you can’t have people who say they are atheists, for example, and also claim that they are moral. Sure, they personally may never steal or murder but these people can’t run the government. Why? Simply, because all it takes is another atheist/agnostic to come along and give their standard of morality and claim that it’s just as good as the next person. For, who do they use as their standard? If they say, “Society norms,” this is not good enough. For “society norms or morality” CAN and DO change! You have seen this in the past couple of decades with one topic being politically incorrect to the next one.

The morality of what is being pushed on the public changes each year with what is considered “taboo.” One time you could be proud of your White Christian Heritage, now, you have white people apologising for being white. Yet, these are the people who say they have a moral standard! They do have a moral standard but it’s not God’s, and even their standard is changing over time. So, it’s not surprising to see that there is more crime, disease, government control, and lack freedom than ever before.

So, whenever you hear a non-Christian spout their hatred of God’s laws as the laws of the land, you can tell them, as you heard Oliver Hardy say, “Well, here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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