Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit is Rotting (as is the story that we actually went to the Moon)!

Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit is Rotting

  Smithsonian in race to save Neil Armstrong’s historic Apollo 11 spacesuit as researchers reveal it is ROTTING and it’s about time considering the whole story that we went to the

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber compound that is used in making a variety of products including WETSUITS. This is what we believe all along – that the film we see of astro-nots in space is really taken in a tank of water! Neoprene has tiny bubbles in it, so when divers go deep, it compresses. Well, if the astro-nots were on the Moon, and the Moon has less “gravity” and density, it would expand. I didn’t see them look like balloons as they were bouncing on the Moon.

Neoprene does insulate divers against cold water, however it has its limits and can not do so down to the supposed extreme temperatures of the Moon. Extreme temperatures also crack any kind of plastic very easily, so, how do spacesuits survive this?

In this article from the UK’s Daily Mail, we are told that the spacesuit is made of 21 layers of various plastics, which include Nylon and neoprene. Since when do these materials keep you at body temperature at extreme heat or extreme cold? And, if this was so, why can’t we buy clothes off the racks today? After all, with the technology we have and the new materials, it should be easier to make and cheaper to sell. We don’t have it because none exist! And, I doubt that it’s made of 21 layers to begin with. Why? Because they never plan to cut open the spacesuit to show the public in the first place.

This story is like all the rest – it is created and made into news to give credence to the lie that we went to the Moon in the first place!

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  1. James says:

    Excellent read, thank you.


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