Musings 2 September, 2018

Musings 2 September, 2018

First, I would like to say that there is a new sermon posted under Bible Study (at the top of this page). It’s titled: Judgement from God, part 1.

There was an advert I saw on Yahoo for a film and it’s called “Happy Times Murders.” It’s about making fun of murders, as the title implies. It is labeled “Appropriate Audiences” but it should be x-rated. This is the next step in degeneracy. It’s the same tactic used many years ago to change the morals of the public.

I hated watching the trailer and I certainly will not watch this film. But such things are necessary to know what is going on and to warn others not to even pop into the theatre when it comes to town.

Back, I think in the 1970s, they made films that made light of homosexuals that made people laugh. Then it got more serious, now if you say you are against queers, you are labeled a ‘hater’ or ‘facist’ or whatever. I see the same thing with murder now. Mark my words, but I hope that I’m wrong, and that is, they want to make the public see murder as acceptable. Of course, it would be the “right kind of murders.” but this is not far fetched as it might seem. Remember during the Roman times when they made a sport of slaves and had them fight to the death in ring before a roaring audience; when Christians were murdered by crucifixion with some being burned on the cross. Is this what the sick-os in Hollywood are planing?

A Planned Chemical Attack Again

Is another planned chemical attack being set up and blamed on the Syrian government? This is what Russia thinks will happen, as reported here (Click Here)

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned Washington against new reckless moves in Syria.

What everyone seems to ignore, even the alternative news sites is, where is ISIS getting all the weapons and ammunition that costs 10’s of millions of dollars? They certainly are not getting it from the villages and towns that they are raiding! Where are they getting the Toyota trucks with machine guns mounted on them? It’s obvious – from the U.S. Government! They are being supplied by them and they have to come in from some road or flown in. I’m sure Russia knows about this and is keep score.

What Is Really Going On In the Illuminati

Testimony of ritual murder inside the Illuminati and even cannibalism, as one witness testified on Ophra Winfry years ago.


Toxic Grease in Space?

Interstellar space is filled with “toxic grease” that would make future space travel very difficult, say researchers. This is, according to the University of New South Wales. Would you believe it? I think the only toxic grease is found in NASA! I need not elaborate more to intelligent flat earthers – only to globe earth believers.


Tumblr is another social media platform that has been around for years. This is somewhat like Instagram. “So, what is Instagram?” In short, it’s another time waster for people who don’t have a life. But the point I’d like to make is that millions of people go on Tumblr and are influenced by it. Well, they are just like the other internet giants in that they are preventing the truth from getting out. If you go to and type in “Flat earth,” or anything that has to do with the flat earth, you come up with all kinds of negative and snide remarks about us. It seems that even the smaller companies like Tumblr are into the mind control game, too. I just wonder if you will get your account dropped if you post pictures that support the flat earth. But even if you don’t, if you are not found in their search engines, it’s just like you posted nothing. Well, such is life today.

Winston Churchill Praised to Heaven

Just the other day I heard a newscast of the grandson of Winston Churchill being praised. You would think he was talking about Christ. According to the speech, this guy did no wrong. Of course, it was his grandfather but still I would not make any person into a saint. The fact is, there is a very dark side of Winston Churchill. If you read the book by famous British historian, David Irving, he wrote a book about him.

David Irving is a prolific author but the book in question is titled: Churchill’s War. You can hear Irving’s speech on the subject here…

Here is what one viewer of the above video said:

“This man is a towering historical scholar of legendary proportions. I’ve listened to my fair share of academic lectures in my day, and this one takes the cake. Not once did this giant refer to a note. He recites from memory, and forgets not a single detail. He moves at lightning speed, and never misses a beat. I’ve just discovered David Irving, and I can’t get enough. His devotion to, and love of, his craft is enough to move one to tears. Pure genius!” James Jospeh Finn



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