Decognition Process

Decognition Process

The Shakers

Once the initial conversion is effected, cults, armed services, and similar groups cannot have cynicism among their members. Members must respond to commands and do as they are told, otherwise they are dangerous to the organizational control. This is normally accomplished in a three step Decognition Process.

Step One is ALERTNESS REDUCTION: The controllers cause the nervous system to malfunction, making it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This can be accomplished in several ways. POOR DIET is one; watch out for Brownies and Koolaid. The sugar throws the nervous system off. More subtle is the “SPIRITUAL DIET” used by many cults. They eat only vegetables and fruits; without the grounding of grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, fish or meat, an individual becomes mentally “spacey.” INADEQUATE SLEEP is another primary way to reduce alertness, especially when combined with long hours of work or intense physical activity. Also, being bombarded with intense and unique experiences achieves the same result.

Step Two is PROGRAMED CONFUSION: You are mentally assaulted while your alertness is being reduced as in Step One. This is accomplished with a deluge of new information, lectures, discussion groups, encounters or one-to-one processing, which usually amounts to the controller bombarding the individual with questions. During this phase of decognition, reality and illusion often merge and perverted logic is likely to be accepted.

Step Three is THOUGHT STOPPING: Techniques are used to cause the mind to go “flat.” These are altered-state-of-consciousness techniques that initially induce calmness by giving the mind something simple to deal with and focusing awareness. The continued use brings on a feeling of elation and eventually hallucination. The result is the reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except that which the controllers direct. The takeover is then complete. It is important to be aware that when members or participants are instructed to use “thought-stopping” techniques, they are told that they will benefit by so doing: they will become “better soldiers” or “find enlightenment.”

There are three primary techniques used for thought stopping. The first is MARCHING: the thump, thump, thump beat literally generates self-hypnosis and thus great susceptibility to suggestion.

The second thought stopping technique is MEDITATION. If you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation, after a few weeks, there is a great probability that you will not return to full beta consciousness. You will remain in a fixed state of alpha for as long as you continue to meditate. I’m not saying this is bad – if you do it yourself. It may be very beneficial. But it is a fact that you are causing your mind to go flat. I’ve worked with meditators on an EEG machine and the results are conclusive: the more you meditate, the flatter your mind becomes until, eventually and especially if used to excess or in combination with decognition, all thought ceases. Some spiritual groups see this as nirvana – which is bullshit. It is simply a predictable physiological result. And if heaven on earth is non- thinking and non-involvement, I really question why we are here.

The third thought-stopping technique is CHANTING, and often chanting in meditation. “Speaking in tongues” could also be included in this category.

All three-stopping techniques produce an altered state of consciousness. This may be very good if YOU are controlling the process, for you also control the input. I personally use at least one self-hypnosis programming session every day and I know how beneficial it is for me. But you need to know if you use these techniques to the degree of remaining continually in alpha that, although you’ll be very mellow, you’ll also be more suggestible.



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2 Responses to Decognition Process

  1. Cyber says:

    There is nothing bad about a fruitarian diet. Or about the Genesis 1:29 diet. Humans are designed to eat fruit, not meat. There is many things that suggest this:
    – Our taste buds are sensitive to sugar but cannot taste protein.
    – Our hands are unsuited to kill with but perfectly suited to pick and peel with.
    – We have frugivore teeth.
    – All animals are attracted to their natural food. What is more attractive, the sweet smell of fruit or the smell of a fish market? A bowl or fruit or a dead cow with a gaping wound full of bloody organs? It is no coincidence that “sweet” is used synonymous with good in multiple languages and that a bowl of fruit is the stereotypical thing to paint. It is just humans being attracted to their natural food (which is sweet and looks like fruit).
    – Our liver is weak so that we are more vulnerable to food poisoning when eating meat.
    – Our intestines are too long for meat which causes meat to rot in our body when eating (this is why meat eaters their poop and body stink)
    – Our senses are poor for finding prey but excellent for finding fruit thanks to our good color vision. Almost all fruit eating animals have color vision

    So what biological evidence is there that we need meat? Most of us cannot even eat it in it’s natural state.

    I know that God allows the eating of meat but since we are not designed to eat meat it is still bad for our health. Meat is junk food to our bodies and our bodies cannot properly handle a lot of it. (Proverbs 23:20)

    In fact I think they might be using animal fats to dumb us down. Fruit when eaten gives us a lot of energy which our body then uses to improve our cognition.


  2. george says:

    Gen 1:29 diet was for Adan and Eve in a different body. After sin they changed to a human naked body. All the others arguments are ‘scientific’ arguments, this is an act of faith to believe in this so called ‘science’. Kindly.


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