Charles Couglin: Drive the Banksters and Usurers Out

Charles Coughlin: Drive the Banksters and Usurers Out

Father Charles Coughlin had millions of followers in the 1930s and 40s. Pray to God that we should have men that knows the truth and has great oratory skills today as Charles Coughlin did.

Another Speech Made Against the Bankster in 1933




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3 Responses to Charles Couglin: Drive the Banksters and Usurers Out

  1. Kerry Calahan says:

    Isn’t it true that SOME,not all of course,Jews,Protestants,liberals,capitalists,Jesuits,black/white or whatever race or religious affilation are involved in undermining western civilization and our economy by means of fraud,deception,extortion or any number of methods by blurring the lines,pointing at other groups or organizations and demonizing them? The end game is globalization and the powers that be are of mixed races,religions or persuasions,, It’s getting tiresome reading or hearing one group tear down another to deflect attention off of themselves,,,,,let’s get real,,,,,,,,,,,no one single group is the bad guy,,,,It’s an alphabet soup kind of thing,,,,Wake up and stop placing blame,,,there’s enough of that to go around.Some Jews are bad,some aren’t,,,,,,not all of them are bankers or money changers,,,,,,,,,,,,Fact: The Vatican and the church of Rome are the most wealthy organization on earth,,most of that gained by non-Christian methods,,,,,many protestant denominations also preach false Chtistianity and promise “your best life now” if you just keep coughing up more dollars,,,,,,,what a sham and disgrace,,,,,,,,,,


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