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4 May, 2018

Flat earth conference; Australia doesn’t exist, claims one “flat earther.” Here is a cheap underhanded way so-called reporters use to get their readers not to have anything to do with certain groups or conspiracies, as this article shows.

One tactic that the fake news media uses is, that they get some “nutter” to say something outrageous and make it like this is what everyone in the group believes. Here is one “flat earther” says that Australia doesn’t exist. The reason given is that Australia is on the other side of the earth. Of course, you and I know that no flat earther believes this nonsense. In fact, this person could very well be a government agent. Or it could have been completely made up by the reporter. The purpose would be, to get others who are just introduced to the flat earth be turned off.

This article is so fake that a 10 year old child can see through it, as a large part of this article is a screen shot of, what looks like, a Facebook Post (or, is it Fakebook?). The picture and name in this Post could very well be fake, too.

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With the above article in mind, there was another reporter at the Birmingham, England flat earth convention that “interviewed” a person who, when asked, “How do you keep from falling off the earth,” this government shill answered, that you are sent back in time and space and transported to another part of the earth. Now, no flat earther believes that! Yet, if the public is pre-conditioned that we are loonies, they would see this story as loony and, think that this whole concept of a flat earth is loony, too.

That’s the whole key, that the public is told that the belief in stupid, then presents some interview with a “flat earther” to say something really off the wall. Naturally, “reporters” who do this, never interview people who do have a logical answer, for, if this was reported, more people would see that the government and educational system has been lying to us for a long time.

Recent flat earth meeting in Birmingham, England.

“Why are so many of us falling for insidious conspiracy theories?”

This is what one newspaper said. It just goes to show how desperate these evil people are. They try to marginalise us by using the word, “insidious.” what could be worse than a government that supports queers, for example? By reading the article, you see what they are afraid of – people who investigate things such as chemtrails, food that changes our DNA and other such topics.

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Flat earth talk on This Morning TV program.

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Documentary made on why people believe in the flat earth and that others should be considerate of their thoughts.

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Behind The Curve

The movement has exploded in the past few years, leaving scientists and educators scrambling to find a way to stem its popularity. The evil people are getting scared.

Here is a trailer of Behind The Curve

When you can’t see beyond the horizon, globe earth believers explain it away with the “bending of light.”

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