Dark Oily Dust On Your Computer

Dark Oily Dust On Your Computer

Oily dust on a computer fan.

  You all probably know about chemtrails or what others call geoengineering. There the government sprays such things as aluminium, barium, lithium, and that they come in nano-size particles. Naturally we are breathing this in. In addition to these metals there is the poisonous metal of mercury.

First, you may ask why I have this article on a flat earth site. Quite simply, the fact that you are reading this on your computer is to let you know about possible problems you might have, so you can rectify it and continue going to our website. Anyhow…

Back in November I had to get another computer – it had just frozen up. I didn’t know about this oily dust. So, all I could do was buy another computer (a used one by the way). Back in 2010 was really my first experience of having my computer freeze up. I found out that it was the fan and video – two parts that are primarily affected.

Computer repairmen have seen a large increase of people bringing in their computer with the fan not working. In the past, it was a simple job of just blowing away the dust; it was the normal grey dust. Now, you have a mix of mercury and petroleum that’s attached to the nano-size aluminium, lithium and other metals that can not be blown away.

  With metals mixed in with the “oil” that is settling on the your computer, there is a problem of it shorting out. What has to be done is to replace the parts. Of course, this increases the sales at computer shops – not that they are behind chemtrails or even knows anything about it.

So, because of what the terrorists in government are doing, this is what we have to put up with.

Delicate machines, such as computers are more likely to be affected than machines with large moving parts.

Speaking on Chemtrails, you may ask how you can fight it. Well, you really can’t fight it but there are things you can do to reduce your expose to it. Now, this is not for everyone but another option for some people.

Costa Rica

  Yesterday I came across a website that had international listings of real estate; you can click on the country and find what is available. So, I clicked on three different countries in Central/South America. Each listing has a lot of pictures – inside the property and outside. Then it hit me, I had seen (in two countries) where there were beautiful skies. Now, I know that it could have been just on days where they were not spraying and that the pictures of a particular Listing was most likely taken on the same day. So, I did more research and found that, indeed, other Listings had beautiful skies.

Of course, what would be needed is, to personally go there and spend a week to see how the skies really are. If you have a friend that lives there and knows about chemtrails, they could tell you what the situation is without you having to make an extra trip.

In short, I believe that there are parts of the world that are not sprayed as much as in the US and the UK. I know for a fact, that in Russia when all the chemtrails started that they did not spray. I can’t say for sure now. (This could be one of many reasons why the West is against Russia, I don’t know.)

But my theory is, that there are places on earth where there is little or no spraying. Of course, these metals do travel but the point is, that there would be much less heavy metals in a country where there is no spraying than where there is. So, for those who have the money and are really serious about their health, moving abroad is an option. You may not like some of the customs that they have; you might have to put up with a lot of petty crime but what could be more important than your health?

And, when you stop and think about the geoengineering and the people that are ordering it done, it would only make sense that they have countries that they go to where there is little or no spraying. This is where they might go while they depopulate the rest of the world.


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