Water Turbulence To Create Electricity

Conspiracy of Alternative Energy Devices

You are probably aware of the free energy devices, or very low cost energy devices. Here is one that I came across today that shows how something very simple that can produce electricity for us.

Of course, this is not for everyone as you need land and a stream running though it. But if you do, ideally, a 3 meter drop over 100 meter stretch is the best. If you are looking to buy land, here is something to look for; the value would be worth a lot more than what the Seller realises.

There might be some critics that say, “You don’t know physics or engineering” or some other remark. That is fine. I say, let them pay the electric bills while others laugh all the way to the bank! Don’t forget the System needs useful idiots. Anyhow, if you want to get as much out of the System as you can, and one way to do it is to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Naturally, with some of these devices, you have to know what to do and you will have to invest some money. In this case, you hire a local person who does know how to build what you see in the video and it does require money for the materials. But this (and many other free energy devices) will pay for itself in a short time.

PS. Don’t tell you neighbours what you installed as some municipality don’t like such devices. Remember it’s all about control (from our enemy’s point of view).


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