More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria

More On The Fake Chemical Attack in Syria

I guess you all know by now that the chemical attack in Syria was fake. But in case you don’t know or have doubts, here are some links to check out. This goes to show that the governments of UK, France and the US will do whatever it takes to start a war or to control another country. It looks like this will be the third time the Allies are starting a world war!

However, the people are waking up, or at least a segment of them. If you check out any video that exposes the fake, the vast majority agrees with it; if it’s a video that claims it was real, the vast majority of Comments say it was not. People are starting to have harsh words about “their governments”. Speaking to some people recently, who are not political, they have said to me that the Syrian chemical attack is fake or that we have no business being there.

Aftermath of ‘chemical attack’. Doctors not wearing cloves.

Russia says chemical attack was faked!

Dead girl opens her eyes – amazing!

“White Helmets” treat victims without protective clothing.

The “White Helmets” are being looked at in the same light as ISIS.


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