Syrian Chemical Attack – Again

Syrian Chemical Attack – Again

Here we go again, another chemical attack by Syria! Yea, sure! You may notice that this has come on the heels of the so-called Russian chemical attack on a Russian double agent in Salisbury, England. The fact that this story is unwinding and the world seeing it as a false accusation, a new lie has to be started. This time, instead of accusing Russia of a chemical attack, they are saying Bashar al-Assad, did it. And, because Russia supports Assad, the West is using this as a reason to tell Russia to stop their support of Syria; in effect, to get out of Syria.

Why would Assad use chemical weapons and incur the wrath of the West? They are already winning the war against the America military supplied of ISIS; they have Russia with their military might, so why use chemicals?

My Theory

This story was made up or someone did it (but not Syria or Russia), because the ligament government in Syria is winning – that is why!

Donald Trump hopes that Russia gets out of Syria by using this ruse. If Russia does, it gives the United States an open field of supplying terrorist troops in Syria, and, therefore, pave the way of a regime change.

But I think the US knows that this will not work but this gives an excuse for more sanctions on Russia. Why? So, eventually, there would be a regime change in Russia and with it, the stealing of natural resources like it was under Boris Yeltsin. Well, this is not going to work.

Russia is strong economically and as a people; they really don’t need the West. They have their own huge domestic market AND they have the 1.3 billion Chinese to trade with. Russia will be able to get any all manufactured goods from China, and China can get all the natural resources from Russia to make the finished products.

My prediction is, that this story will die a slow death, too. I read the comments on Yahoo News about this story of the chemical attack in Syria, and a vast majority of the 86 comments did not believe the lies that this story was trying to convey. People are waking up!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. sam says:

    phoney fake show


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