Email Posted by Someone Who Disagrees

Email Posted by Someone Who Disagrees

We all have a right to disagree, so you may disagree with what this dear Reader said. I do not agree with everything he said, and some of the conclusions he made. The reason is, that I have heard the Preterists arguments and go into the areas of agreement and disagreement.

I don’t want to go and have a dialogue back and forth with each one who writes (except on rare occasions). Otherwise, I would not be able to get the news out that I have about the flat earth, the Bible subject I want to cover and other subjects.

I had to copy and paste this and put this in a regular post, as I’m not for advertising other people’s email addresses and websites.


From a Reader:

You said

My comments are in italics.

You said

[I believe that this is happening now. However, you have some critics, who say that Revelation all took place in 70 AD (the Fall of Jerusalem). They are known as ‘Preterists.’ While some of it did take place in 70 AD, certainly not all of it. Preterists are quick to point out Rev. 1:1 with the words, ‘things which must shortly come to pass,’ that does not mean ALL THINGS.]

Your statement is not accurate and (I believe unintentionally) misleading. The following is going to be hard reading for you, but I am not your enemy. I am presenting this to you in Christian love as a brother who is deeply concerned about error. I am not attacking you. I’m pleading with you to simply consider an opposing viewpoint.

I, for one, believe that ALL means ALL and that SHORTLY means SHORTLY – but I am NOT a preterist. Preterism is, in my opinion, one of the most vile forms of theology ever devised. It is, at the least, as vile as futurism. I believe that ALL Bible prophecy has been fulfilled – but I am NOT a preterist.

I’m not a Preterist, either. But I believe that not all prophecy has been fulfilled, for we are still living in this sinful age.

I did not say that you are a person who believes in preterism! How can I? For, if you are referring to the article about the Sun changing colour, you did not write to me. I am referring to those who believe in full preterism. The other article about a critic of the flat earth was referring to another person (which you can see his name in the article), not you, Charlie.

You do not realize what you are doing when you say that “the sun is scorching men” in fulfillment of Rev. 16:8, et. al. You are telling people that what is going on is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Thus, there is NOTHING one can or NOTHING one should do about it. To resist the fulfillment of Bible prophecy would be to resist God Himself.

Here is what I said, in part (please read it):

Well, a lot has happened to our Sun – it is not killing us. This is not the Sun’s fault, but evil men spraying the sky with chemicals and nano-size heavy metals.”

I’m blaming it on evil men!

Yes, there is SOMETHNG people can do and that is: TELL others what is going on – which is what I’m doing! If someone who is a pilot or in any way contributing to this, and knows what is going on, they should not be partakers. They should quick their jobs if they have to. For anyone to say that this is no biblical sure doesn’t know their Bible! If you are telling others what is going on, doesn’t mean that you are thwarting God’s plans, just a like a Prophet of old who warned the people. The prophet did his job, yet God knows what the end will be (like the invasion of a heathen tribe of ancient Israel).

I’m sure the enemies of God wants people to do exactly what you said; in fact, they probably have encouraged Judeo-Christians to believe this! Why? Because it gets Christians to sit back on their a__ and do nothing; it makes the enemies job that much easier; it plays right into their hands!

Your message is EXACTLY what the enemies of Christ want you to preach. You are turning the only available power of resistance (people who desire to follow Christ) into “compliance by complacence.”

NO, it is YOUR message that plays right into the antichrists hands!

You admonish your readers not to sit back and completely do nothing, but the message that there really is nothing you can do is louder and clearer than your attempt to spurn others to action.

No, you are wrong. We are told to OCCUPY until Christ comes, and by occupying means to continue to proclaim the truth AND not to be partakers of evil – NOT to be ‘couch potatoes!’

It is NOT the fulfillment of Rev 16 that is causing the sun to act weird – it is EVIL men who are being enabled by Christians who are telling people that these evil men are just doing the Will of God by fulfilling His prophecies. These evil men created futurism (C.I. Scofield, with the financing of Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie) and they are acting things out on an international stage to deceive people into believing that one world government is the solution to man’s problems – and that Scripture prophesies it. Hence, removing all opposition to it. They are manipulating false religious teaching to make it look like the Bible is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

PLEASE read my article again. Specifically, what I had write above that are in quotes! This is exactly what I said, “evil men!” 

You are preaching THE EXACT same message as NASA – but with a twist of religion. You do not realize it, but you are part of a Machavellian plot to accomplish an evil agenda. Your false “end times” “end of the world is upon us” message is exactly what NASA is preaching from a secular, antichrist perspective. Give NASA more money. Enable men’s governments and they will save you. Or, wait for Jesus to come back on a white horse and He’ll save you. Wait, wait, wait. Do nothing, but wait.

NASA wants people to say NOTHING AND DO NOTHING! Other Readers can see this but for some reason you don’t.

Matthew 24 is an outline of the entire book of Revelation. Verse 34 says – and it cannot be any clearer – “Verily, I say unto you, This generation shall not pass till ALL THESE THINGS be fulfilled.” This included ALL the events described in greater detail in the book of Revelation.

Christ is not a coming King! He was revealed as King of kings and Lord of lords when the book of Revelation was fulfilled at AD 70.

I never said that Christ is “a coming King,” so don’t put words into my mouth!

Generation,” in Matthew 24:34, Strong’s Number 1074, under 2. that which has been begotten, men of the same stock, a family.

When it says, “men of the same stock,” this would be the word “race,” as we use today. (The word “race” did not come into use at this time, but there are other ways that it was described.) So, this makes sense when read, “this race shall not pass away,” which it hasn’t.

Now if you READ Matthew the whole chapter 24, it would NOT make sense that all of this happened by 70AD. If you study Christian history, no way had all this happened in 30 plus years after Christ said this (referring to 70AD). For example:

(Mat 24:14)  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

You mean to say that all the nations heard the Gospel by 70AD? Of course not, as there were many nations that Europeans did not know existed. There were the nations in Asian that were not known; the discovery of South America, for example, did not come until nearly 1500 years later. So, to say that this all happened a couple of decades after Christ said this is preposterous!

I could go on with more examples, such as false prophets and false Christs will arise, but you – my other Readers – know that there have been and are today false prophets and false Christs, so how can Matthew, chapter 24, all have pertained up to 70AD? What about all that has happened and IS happening today? But the Writer of this letter doesn’t seem to understand this.

Not only is He King of kings and Lord of lords – but He is the LAST of the kings that Yahweh allows for His people. Until we wake up and realize that we have been an evil and idolatrous people by setting up “governments like all the other nations” (I Sam 8) we will never accomplish anything for Christ and His Kingdom. His message was, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” And we have spent generations undoing His finished work and declaring that His Kingdom is future.

The Kingdom of Christ is a present day reality. It is not future. We must ALL allow His reign in our lives – today. We must forsake the statues of men (statutes) and return to the “charge, commandments, Statutes and Laws” that the Bible so clearly says that Abraham was blessed because of His obedience to. And lest I be misunderstood – I am not talking about the Laws concerning sacrifices. Those have been done away with, with the finished work of the Messiah.

Anyhow, to the Writer of this article: I will not enter into any more dialogue on this subject, as this can go back and forth for who knows how long. Then, there will be someone else writing along similar lines and this Christian flat earth site will be completely side tracked. So, in order not to waste your time don’t bother writing again on this topic as it will not be answered.

But, I just might write on Revelation again in a future article.

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  1. Randy says:

    I have yet to see the word of God of the bible to be disproved… you can’t do it… I realized this when I seen the flat earth… everything made perfect sense immediately… I want god back… I went


  2. Randy says:

    God is real… he sent his son to earth to save us… Satan thought that he had won… but then Jesus gave his life for all of us… he will be back to bring home the rightful


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