Google Censorship Goes Ballistic

Google Censorship Goes Ballistic

Has Google censorship gone ballistic? It seems that way! Google, who owns YouTube, has Mike Adams’ channel, The Health Ranger banned. This had 1,700 videos! Adams has news about natural healing remedies, alternative news coverage and how to become self sufficient.

Do you think Americans have freedom of speech? Think again! We all know you can’t talk about race, Muslims, Jews and homosexuals and many people think that is OK. But they like the other ‘politically incorrect’ alternative news. Well, they better check again.

Adams is actually in agreement with the Establishment when it comes to race-mixing, homosexuals, etc. So, his videos never had anything about this – which can get you banned from YouTube. But Adams does have, or had, videos on medical corruption and lies. Among the other videos that were banned were: how to raise chickens, growing your own garden and raising donkeys. So, now this is too much for Google.

I had seen this coming many years ago, so this doesn’t surprise me. You see, the government wants you to believe in EVERYTHING that they tell you – which includes what the medical profession tells you. Then, they have gone so far that they don’t want you to know ANYTHING about being self-sufficient. After all, if you grow your own organic food that is full of nutrients, you won’t be eating GMO food. If you are a farmer, you won’t be using Monsanto’s GMO seeds and their Roundup.

The government doesn’t want you to know about how to raise chickens, but, instead, having to eat their sick chickens filled with drugs and raised on poor quality feed.

As I had mentioned in a previous Post, you should be downloading any and all good videos while you can. To do this, you can go to As you know, there are many great DIY videos that shows you ‘How to…’ So, I suggest you start copying them now – you never know when they will be taken down.

When you copy videos, you can view them at anytime, you don’t need internet connection. By having your own copies you can make a copies for friends to share.

But another thing you should consider is, that a day will come that you will not be able to grow your own food. This is already happening in some cities where police have told residents that they can not have a garden in front of their homes, or that they can’t water their garden because of ‘water shortage’ (that’s a good one and people fall for this all the time, lol).

Having a video on ‘how to…’ if fine, but what good is that if you are not allowed to provide for your family? That is why literally several million people have moved overseas to a country where there is freedom. (Sorry, US and UK, you don’t have freedom.)

I’ll repeat again from a previous Post, start downloading flat earth videos. I will not be surprised that this will come ‘under the hammer’, too. Flat earth videos are a great way of sharing with others what we know.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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