List of Banned YouTube Channels


List of Banned YouTube Channels

I had mentioned in a previous Post about certain videos being banned on YouTube. And that we should download what we can to preserve them. As you know, YouTube, Google and other internet giants are against freedom of speech. There have been a number of YT channels that are being targeted.

There is some free software to download YouTube videos. One of which is,

I had also mentioned that it’s time to use alternative social media sites to keep the truth out there. One alternative video platform is Vimeo.

Anyhow, here is a list of other YT channels that YT doesn’t like. You might want to do a search with the words of their name or their name followed by “channel” and check them out. I had noticed that there are two sites listed below that covers a lot about the flat earth. There may be others that I don’t know about as there are many listed here that I’m not familiar with.

This is not a complete list by any means. So, if you come across other channels, you might want to copy those videos, as well.

Here, I typed in Russian Vids and I did not see his channel come up on the left side, which you would when you type in anybody’s video channel or name. Now, this will not happen to everyone but to this guy, who is a flat earth believe, showed nothing on the right side. So, I hope you already downloaded flat earth videos. If there is other truth videos out there, you better download them now!

It’s useful to see what content “ThemTube” finds dangerous and to find to help spur a shift to alternative platforms to view truth-tellers and controversial researchers.


According to Joe

Adamic Amethyst


animal farm


aplaintruth (flat earther)

Arthur Koestler

Back to the Constitution

Barry Soetoro


Bombard’s Body Language

Brave New World

Charles Walton


Colin Flaherty


Darkness at Noon

David Seaman


Destroying the Illusion

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. of Common Sense

Dustin Nemos

Dustin Nemos

Edgy Sphinx

Elliott Marxx

Factions of Freedom


Free Radio Revolution Revived





Jake Morphonios

Jay Myers

Jim Marrs

Joanne Steen

Johnny Supertramp


Kalika from “For the People”

Kearn Kearsy

Kevin K Johnston



Liberty Columnist

Mag Bitter Truth

Matrix Breakout

Max Malone



mgtow is freedom


Murdock Murdock

Operation Hal


Peekay Boston

Psyched Substance

Redd Dog Truth

Richie Allen Show


Ron Johnson

Russian Vids (flat earther)

Sargon of Akkad

The Black Child

The Kepler Telescope Channel

The Ochelli Effect

Titus Frost

Urban Moving

Victurus Libertas VL

WAP tech

Willy Myco


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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