Elon Musk’s Space Car Exposed!


Elon Musk’s Space Car Exposed!

In the newspapers for the past couple of days is the Tesla car that was shot up into space. This space car has been exposed! Not by the major media outlets, of course, but by using good old common sense. If you go to the link here (Click Here) and read the article and view the pictures first, you’ll be able to follow along.

In picture 1, you’ll see the full earth on the passenger side of the car. I assume that the car is unloading from the space capsule, so that is why I see something holding the tire. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

In picture 2, you see the earth off to the side but in the background, and it’s the dark side of the earth. Now, how did this happen so fast? How long does it take to unload a car? Also, notice how much further earth is away from the car! (They certainly travelled a lot in a short period of time!) But the most revealing thing is, that you see part of the crest of the earth on top of the car. How in the world can this happen when earth is in back of the car! This fact alone would make this a fake image.

In picture 3, this must still be the “unloading” phase of the car as I see an armature to the right. But notice how close earth is now. Also notice the grey colour of the car. How can this be when it’s under the same lighting conditions as the first picture?

From pictures not shown, there is one where the full light side of the earth is in the background yet you see an image of the earth on the windscreen. How in the world is this possible? Of course, all is possible when you are dealing with CGI images, lol!

Guess what’s missing on the earth.

We are also told that the car radio is playing a song that is on a loop – where it will continue playing. That is a real joke! Think of this – if space has a temperature of – 280 F to close to plus 260 F. How do you have a car battery working in minus 280 degree temperatures? How is it that the electrical system still works in the extreme cold and extreme heat? We are also told that space is a vacuum, if that is the case, why doesn’t the tires explode due to difference of air pressure?

The Stupid Twitter Comment

Now, look at the stupid comment that Elon Musk wrote on Twitter and look at what the Flat Earth Society wrote back:

Musk asked in a Tweet: Why is there no Flat Mars Society!?

FE Society responded:

Hi Elon, thanks for the question. Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round.

What a stupid question: Why are there no Flat Mars Society? IF you believe in the globe earth, you know that there are no people there. Besides, how would Musk know unless he’d been there! Then, look at the equally stupid response from the Flat Earth Society, “…Mars has been observed to be round.”

If these people were real flat earth researchers they would answer that Mars is a light source in the firmament and not an object to land on. Mars is actually a wondering star; the ancient Greek word for planet IS “wandering star.” FES could also have said that something can be round but NOT be a globe – such as a DVD for a computer.

Christian Flat Earth Ministry was not asked this question by Musk, nor were other real flat earth researchers. Why? Because the media and fakers, like Elon Musk, knows that they would get answers they can’t refute. That is why questions and comments are directed at FES (usually) and not to other people who have flat earth websites.

I’ve noticed two other things when it comes to Elon Musk and that is reports refer to him as a genius and a very successful businessman. I’ve seen one article where the word “genius” was used about 5 or 6 times. I see what the media is trying to do: Don’t question the shape of the earth because, Musk is a genius and you’d be foolish to question a genius.

No, Must is not a genius but is one of the wannabe slave masters of the world. Sure, he started PayPal, which is a great payment system. But he was at the right place at the right time AND he hired computer programmers to come up with payment system for the internet. That does not mean that you know the shape of the earth.

As for Musk being a successful businessman, sure he made a billion dollars selling PayPal, but few people realise that he lost most of it in his first “space venture.” Then the U.S. Government saw to to it that he could be used to fool the masses. So they financially supported him with his current space venture. After all, when the Pentagon said they “lost” $2 TRILLION, what is an extra $1billion!

And talking about Elon Musk’s “success” in business, it was just reported that his company lost over $600 MILLION in the last quarter. Musk probably will be bailed out again. Way to go – genius AND successful businessman!

It Gets Crazier

If this article was not crazy enough, it get crazier. There is a video within the above article that SUPPOSEDLY tells of three simple ways to prove flat earth believers are wrong. I really had to laugh when I saw this, so I hope you get a chance to see this, too.

The first way to “prove” a flat earthers wrong is, by watching a ship sail along the horizon. The video shows a curved ocean with the ship sailing from left to right. The only person this can fool is some geek who never ventured outside to see the real world, but has his face glued to the computer screen and believes all the fake images he sees.

Since when does a person see a curved ocean? Never, they see a flat horizon – which is what you’d see on a flat earth.

The second way of “proving” a flat earther wrong is by taking a picture of the sky in one part of the world and someone taking a picture in another part of the world. They say that the stars are different. Well, the fact is, that they are not. Even if you see one constellation that is enough to tell you that the earth is flat. When people can see Mars, for example, from the UK and Australia, it tells you that the earth is flat.

The third way of “proving” a flat earth believer wrong is, by putting sticks in the ground and the shadows will be different. They did not say the distance but if one stick was far away, yes, the shadow will be different because the sun is at a different angle. Hey, globe earth believers, that is why we have different time zones!

But talking about sticks in the ground, here is an experiment for them to do that will really tell if the earth is flat or round. This experiment was done back in the 19th century with flag poles equally spaced for a distance of 6 miles, where there should have been a drop off of 24 feet. But the flag poles did not show this. All that was shown were smaller poles because of the law of perception.

But I guess that is why this video was made in a cartoon – as you can make anything appear differently! (Of course, you can do it with video and graphics, too.)

Yes, only a in a cartoon world can the earth be round!

The video ends with pushing flat earthers off the edge of the earth. EVERYONE gets thrown off a spinning ball earth. So have a good trip globe earth believers!!!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    No doubt, in my mind, that it’s fake


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