Answering a Preacher About the Earth


Answering a Preacher About the Earth

At about 8 minutes in: When Pastor Anderson said that it’s shorter to fly from the US to Germany, you fly north over Canada. This is true but not for his answer. He said that on a globe earth this distance is shorter. Well, take out a globe and you measure it! Is it shorter by making an arch north or is it shorter by directly flying East? It would be shorter flying directly eastward! So, why don’t we when we fly, say, from the US to Europe this way? I’ll get back to this in a minute.

Laying out a map of the earth which is flat, the land is not laid out as we see it on a globe – just as Anderson said. So, why do we fly North when we fly East? Because it’s shorter; BECAUSE the earth is flat. But the educational system and government does not want you to know that, so they give any explanation that makes sense but it’s not.

There was a news item last year, about a flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles, California. A woman on board was giving birth so they had to make an EMERGENCY LANDING. Guess where they landed? In Alaska! Now, why on earth (excuse the pun) would the plane be flying over Alaska when it was going to southern California? It would be shorter to fly directly there; it would save time and money. The reason why is, that on a flat earth, the distance would be too great! So, even if you are coming from a latitude where Taiwan is to where California is, it’s shorter to fly North and arch around.

If you fly from Florida to Germany, for example, you would still have to take that FAR northerly route over Canada. Why? The answer is given above.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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