A Lesson From Poland


A Lesson From Poland

Just a short post today.

If you look at Poland, this whole nation has collectively said, in effect, “No more people from toilet nations.” The Polish people have prayed to God; they acknowledge Jesus Christ as King; the people in Krakow united in prayer for God to save their country. What happened in the months since then?

Their birthrate is now the fourth largest in Europe (White birthrate, not immigrant birthrate); prosperity is in their land; crime is way, way down as well as unemployment. This is just as promised by God in the Bible (read Deuteronomy 28, the whole chapter) will happen. This is our weapon – praying to God and ask for our forgiveness; repent (which means “to turn back”), and He will bless you in the womb, in the land, and in prosperity.

This is what Americans have to do, this is what White people world-wide have to do IF they want to have peace and prosperity again.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to A Lesson From Poland

  1. Cyber says:

    Deuteronomy was directed at the Israelites who back then were Gods chosen people. It is not directed at Americans or Caucasians.
    However the Israelites wasted their opportunity when they refused Jesus and because of that this does not even apply to them anymore.

    God does not have a nation on Earth anymore. Almost everything on Earth belongs to Satan. All that God has on Earth are people who are loyal to him and not a part of this world. In the future God will take the Earth back from Satan.


    • revealed4you says:

      2 Samuel 7:10
      Genesis 17:15-16

      If you want to learn more you have to
      go to Bible Law Course, as found in
      my most recent post. If you are not
      interested, fine. I WILL NOT go from
      Bible Study 101 over and over with each new
      person – some of whom don’t want to learn
      more, and thus, be out of favour with you
      local pastor or be afraid of being called
      a hater of some kind.


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