10 Things to be thankful for in America

10 Things to be thankful for in America


Soon your mall will look like this. Is this a sign of a wealthy nation? I don’t think so.

There is one alternative news website that has an article titles: “10 Things to be thankful for today.”

Now, this guy, Mike Adams, has thousands of followers, and has influence among the Christian/Patriotic group. As a reader of this website you know I have taken some issues with him. So, I read this article (which can be found by clicking here [not missing from his website]) to see what he has to say. You can check it out and follow along with my comments here.

Here is what he briefly said (again, the full article is at his website):

1 is about our amazing body. is what everyone in the world has!

This is NOT something that is only in America. Everyone in the world – regardless of country – as an amazing body that can heal itself. So, why Adams includes this as a reason why America is better than the other countries is beyond me.

2 you live in more freedom than anyone in the history of the world.

Oh, really? What are they? The fact is that there are many other countries that have more freedom. All you have to do is find what other ex-pat Americans (or Europeans) have to say in their video blogs. I won’t go into detail here as it will make this article much too long.

3 collapse of the media and fake news.

To have major media outlets that produces fake news is NOT something to be thankful for? And we still have it today. Sure, people are waking up but the fact is, these fake media companies are still here. The fact that they got started here and are so huge in size is not something to be thankful for.

4 the rise of the crypto currency.

Adams has this as a good thing that people are waking up. Some may have bought into the bitcoins but for the wrong reasons. To find out more click here (Who is Behind the Bitcoin Mania?) and find out who is behind it.

5 truth about toxic food.

We still have it and more than the rest of the world. So, this is nothing to be thankful for! 10s of thousands of people are still getting disease each year by having this junk food on a regular bases. Yes, people are waking up but the problem is still huge here.

6 Congress passed tax reform bill.

This just helps the rich. More debt, so where is the good in this? The benefits for the working class has a time limit on it; for the rich, it’s permanent. And all this will add more debt to the nation, which, in turn will add more taxes.

Emergency Notice

Would you believe it, when I was typing this article (right above this notice) I had a strange thing happen. What happened was that my mouse would not copy and paste. I had to have a forced close down of my computer because the pad on the laptop did not work. After I resoled the issue, I had a notice that one of my files that I had opened did not recover. This was the one had a link to Mike Adams’ website that had the article for reference. Because that had happened I thought I would do a search on his website for the article. The article was just posted a few days ago. Doing a search with the exact title I did not find it. Could Adams have taken the site down? Can’t say for sure but it looks suspicious. With that in mind, the rest of this article will have to be done by memory.

This could have been divine intervention, otherwise I would not have known that Adams most recent article did not appear in his search results (I might have missed it as there were 20 page of results.) The fact that his article is not there (or deeply buried for some reason) tells me maybe people are waking up to him and have notified him of the stupid remarks made in that article. Just a guess.



There are four more points that Adams had that I don’t recall the title of but one of them, which was number 10, I did. Would you believe that one of the 10 reasons to be thankful for, for living in America is Mike Adams website! I mean what a joke! Sure, it has good information on it and a ton of health truth but to put your own website up there is a bit OTT (over the top), don’t you think? And, included in #10 was a link to his store! In other words, “thank God” that we can buy things from Mike Adams. What a joke!

To sum up, the 10 good reasons to live in America is:

  • something that everyone in the world has (our amazing body)
  • we have a lot of mess and we still have it but we are cleaning it up (people waking up to the fake news)
  • that we are better than the worst country in the world (specifically Venezuela)
  • that there is naturalnews.com that we can go to

This is pathetic!

Maybe I should add #11 – thanks for Christian/Patriots who have discernment to pick out the truth from the lies, including that from Mike Adams website!


Here is something funny – in a way. Adams has a search engine site similar to Google, which is biased towards alternative news sites. It’s called goodgopher.com. I had know about this site, so while I was reading the article he had on “10 Things to be thankful for today,” I thought I would do a search on “good gopher” with the words: “Christian flat earth,” and would you know that I did not find my site on page one or two, as it appears or appeared on Google! What I did find were some sites that that were critical of the flat earth.

So, don’t believe Mike Adams with his unbiased search engine results. What people don’t know is that algorithms can be manipulated to the wishes of those who program it. Mike Adams does not believe in the flat earth and he made sure that it shows up much further down in search results. This is his so-called honest – search engine! I just wonder how many other topics that don’t show up that are on the alternative news sites but not all agree on, such as the “holocaust” or “sandy hook shooting hoax.” It might be a good idea that someone do searches on both Google and Good Gopher and see that the results are.

Take care and I’ll talk to you the next time!



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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