Google Controlling The News

Google Controlling The News

Google has powerful control over what people read, as you know. The latest is that it’s making it more difficult in finding RT News reports – by burying them further down in search results. This does not surprise us for Truth Seekers, as the owners are not Christian and they certainly don’t like when some media outlets tells the truth about what is going on.

If you think that search results are the bases of unbiased algorithms, you are wrong – it’s manipulated!

There is a report on the RT News site of Google burying the information that they put out but they didn’t have an effective solution.

Fast forward: With this in mind, and knowing that Google has control over the search results of many alternative news sites, you can be sure that they will do this to the flat earth websites and blogs. What will the future hold when you type in a search engine for: “flat earth,” “flat earth proof,” or “Christianity and flat earth”? Will you find articles and videos that just debunk such information? Thus making new people to this information think that there is nothing to this. With this in mind, that is why I had started an email CFEM Newsletter.

All successful internet marketers will tell you of the importance of having an email list. In fact, you can see some videos where they say that they were making $ X per month and all of a sudden their income stopped. The result being that Google changed its algorithms. They also said that if they had to start over again, the most important thing is their email list; if they have this, they will be up and running in no time. Well, that is why I have a newsletter that goes with the Christian Flat Earth Ministry.

If Google does the same thing to all those who have flat earth videos and websites, the only way people can stay in touch is by subscribing to a newsletter. If a flat earth website doesn’t have this, they have a good chance of losing viewers.

If you have not subscribed to CFEM Newsletter, please do so. Just Click Here to go to the email form to do so. If you are already a subscriber, kindly share this with others, share it on Facebook and Twitter (if you have an account) and get the word out.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft may be powerful companies but one thing that they have not been able to do (yet) is controlling the emails. Everyone goes to their email box, even if they just have a iphone and no computer, but not everyone goes to the websites that they like unless they think about it. Something sent to your email you automatically get.

Let’s keep the flat earth truth – and other Bible truths – by subscribing!



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. danwillie says:

    I have an article that I have put together. I agree with what you say as to the power of what I call Mega media. Please check out my article at


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