Levels of The Seas in Relation to Each Other

Levels of The Seas in Relation to Each Other


suez canal

Suez Canal

You have hear the saying, “Let them have plenty of rope, and they will hang themselves.” The proceedings of long ago reveals such a case. In Parliamentary reports of a discussion in 1867, on the Suez Canal question; I find that after a long discussion they concluded that there was not a difference of 30 feet but only of 2 feet 6 inches between the level of the two seas (referring to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. But the Astronomer Royal said that he was toterable familiar with the work in France which was drawn up by the joint commission of Engineers of which the late Mr. Stevenson was one, and his impression was, that after correcting the enormous errors in previous surveys, he found no perceptible difference in the man level of the two seas! He would e glad to be certified whether there was, in fact, a difference of 2 feet 6 inches between the mean levels. In reply Sir W. Denison said, he was assured by the French engineers on the works, that the MEAN LEVEL OF THE TWO SEAS WAS THE SAME. (Mediterranean and Red Sea.) in the Echo of June 6th 1887, I read, “In the report on the Panama Canal submitted to the Academy of Sciences by Mr. Bouguet de la Grye, who is, says the Times Paris Correspondent, “the highest authority in such questions,” he states that it would be quite useless to construct locks. HE REMARKS THAT NO DIFFERENCE OF LEVEL CAN EXIST BETWEEN THE ATLANTIC AND THE PACIFIC.

(Locks have been built in the Panama Canal – not because of a difference in sea levels but because of having to go over higher elevations of land. Whereas the Suez Canal, the land is level, and, thus, there are no locks. Ed.)

Respecting the Baltic and North Sea Canal, we are informed that THE SURFACE OF THE TWO SEAS ARE LEVEL. Next we have to report of recent levelling operations carried on in Russia. See Daily Chronicle, Feb. 12th, 1895, in which we read, “The deadly flatness of the great plain of Russia is remarkable shown by the levelling operations now completed.” Accurate observations were made at 1,090 stations, yet the highest point noted was 1,086 feet. A more important though less expected result was THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE IDENITITY OF LEVEL BETWEEN THE BALTIC, BLACK, AND AZOFF SEAS. Well, if the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Baltic, North Sea, Black Sea and the Sea of Azoff are level; we may soon have to ask where we are to find rotundity. We may have to wait for an answer as notwithstanding these surprising discoveries of level surfaces, no doubt ships will still follow the natural order of things, and on these level surfaces disappear as heretofore, viz., “Hull first.”

Yours truly,

R. Alfrey

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