So Called Wealthiest Countries in the World

So Called Wealthiest Countries in the World

Fewer people are going to the malls.

  We have all heard about the first world countries and how they are better than the rest of the world. Such countries are, for example, Germany, England and the United States. We are told that they are the richest countries. Again, notice the keywords, “we are told.” Of course, we are told a lot about the earth and the universe that we have known that to be a lie; that the earth is, in fact, really flat. For example “what we are told” about the richest countries – namely the first world countries.

Is America, for example, one of the richest countries (if not the richest)? Many people would say yes. They will tell you to look at the cars, homes and buildings. And, of course, look at the military – it’s the largest in the world.

I agree that there are more expensive cars, homes and buildings of all kinds. And I agree that we have the biggest and most expensive military. But I would like to tell you a story…

There was a man called Tom and he has a big BMW that cost him $40,000 and lives in the wealthiest section of town in a $500,000 home. He has two kids that are going to college and they all go on holiday to the Caribbean each year.

Then, there is Ken who has a 10 year old Ford and lives in a small three bedroom home in the lower middle class side of town. His two kids are working; they also go on holiday and stay in a cabin in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Soon your mall will look like this. Is this a sign of a wealthy nation? I don’t think so.

So, who is rich? Many would think that it’s Tom. But it’s not, it’s Ken. The reason is simple – just about everything that Tom “owns” is really owned by the banks; this money was borrowed from them. He has a mortgage of $350,000, he has a car loan of $30,000 (he did have money to put down on it); his two kids have students loans; finally, half his vacation was on the credit cards.

Ken, on the other hand has an old car but he owes nothing on it. His small house is also paid for. The kids are working and saving money and have no student loans. Finally, what they spend on holiday is money they saved.

If Tom loses his job he might only have one month before he is facing bankruptcy; a few more months and his family will be out on the street. Ken, on the other hand, has a nice investment and money in the bank. If he loses his job, he can survive until he finds another job.

So, who really is richer? The answer is obvious. What Tom has is “all show” but there are loans on everything he has. So it is when looking at countries.

What Americans own is mostly owned by the bankers; the same for the businesses. Finally, the huge military of the U.S. is all on borrowed money – along with everything else the U.S. Government does. When I was growing up I was told that debt is debt, it’s not money in the bank; it’s a loan and not an asset. We all know that the United States has the largest debt in the world – something like $20 trillion and that doesn’t count private and corporate debt. So, even another nation that has a debt of $500 billion, for example, is not in the red as much as the U.S. Yet, people known the national debt of the U.S., but they still talk about it as being the richest nation on earth. It is not – it’s the most in debt nation. When the international bankersters call in the loans, that’s when the people will finally wake up to see that America is the poorest nation on earth (they just have the richest bankers from the usury charged). Yes, the banks do have collateral on what the U.S. borrowed, but since all the assets do not cover the loans issued, the government goes to the citizens to tax them for what they can.

You don’t want to be living in a “rich” country when the bankersters call in the loans. You’ve seen what Greece has been through – it probably will be worse for Americans. When there is no money to buy food, when people don’t have homes and other necessities of life – things will get mean and nasty. When you consider that blacks, Mexicans and Muslims have been taught to hate Whitie and that everything wrong with society is because of the White race, there will be a race war. Whereas, in other countries where there more or less one race in the nation, there will not be a race war to the extent that will come to America. It’s one thing to have to go through austerity but quite another thing when there is a race war and White Christians have to fight off the heathens in the land.

No, the sad fact is we live in a very poor nation. The only difference is that we got more loans to buy more luxury items. And it’s these “toys” that people see when they judge the wealth of their neighbour or their nation. But there is a loan attached to each item that they don’t see!


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