Navigation Proves The World a Plane

Navigation Proves The World a Plane

By “Yachtsman”

When at school, I was taught that the most conclusive proof that the Earth is a Globe, was found in the fact that the upper masts and sails of ships at sea are seen first, and as the vessels approach the observer, the lower masts and sails become visible, and finally the hull.

I am in possession of one of the most powerful glasses ever invented, or made by man. The iron barque, “ La Querida,” of Liverpool, left Capetown for Australia some time ago. I watched her from an elevation of 200 feet. She was in ballast, and thus presented a hull high out of water. As she sailed away, the entire vessel, masts, sails and hull gradually became less, until the hull was scarcely visible. I applied the “Emperor” binocular glass to my eyes, and could see the hull as plain as the sails and masts. The ship went on until I could no longer see the hull, and only the masts and sails indistinctly. Again I applied the glass, and again saw the hull, masts and sails all very small, but all distinctly visible, although about lo miles distant. Hence, I came to the conclusion that either my binocular glass has the power of piercing a segment of water miles in thickness, or that the earth is a plane and therefore not a globe.

On a fine afternoon I took up my usual position (200 feet above sea level) to watch the schooner “Lilia,” of Capetown, sail away about due North for Saldanha Bay…


… At my usual position again one very fine and clear morning, I saw a black spot far away on the horizon. As it drew nearer I could indistinctly see a funnel and two masts, but nothing whatever of the ship’s body. Now, thought I, here’s a fine chance to test the “Emperor” and the scientists globe teaching at one and the sg,me time, and suiting the action to the thought, I applied the glass, when lo! and behold! What did I see? I saw a funnel, two masts, and the body of the steamer, and also the white wave being dashed from her bow by her speed through the water!!!

Now if any Observatory man can be found to attempt to prove the Earth a Globe, I am ready to meet him.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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