The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood

The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood

“ A second appeal to common-sense from the extravagance of some recent Geology.”

By Sir H. H. Howorth, K.C.I.E., M.P., F.R.S., F.G.S

  “One of the chief objects,” says Sir H. H. Howorth, “of this book, is to show that the Glacial theory, as usually taught, is not sound; but that it ignores, and is at issue with, the laws which govern the movements of ice, while the geological phenomena to be explained refused be equated with it. This is partially acknowledged by the principal apostles of the ice theory. They admit that ice as we know it in the laboratory, or ice as we know it in glaciers, acts quite differently to the ice they postulate, and produces different effects ; but we are bidden to put aside our puny experiments which can be tested, and turn from the glaciers which can be explored and examined, to the vast potentiality of ice in shape of portentous ice-sheets beyond the reach of empirical tests, and which we are told acted quite differently to ordinary ice. That is to say, they appeal from subsidiary experiments to a prior argument drawn from a transcendental world. Assuredly this is a curious position for the champions of uniformity to occupy.”

“I hold that the Glacial Theory, as ordinarily taught, is based, not upon induction, but upon hypotheses, some of which are incapable of verification, while others can be shown to be false, and it has all the infirmity of the science of the Middle Ages. This is why I have called it a Glacial Nightmare. Holding it to be false, I hold further that no theory of modern times has had a more disastrously mischievous effect upon the progress of Natural Science.”

“ I not only disbelieve in, but I utterly deny, the possibility of ice having moved over hundreds of miles of level country, such as we see in Poland and Russia, and the prairies of North America, and distributed the drift as we find it there. I further deny its capacity to mount long slopes, or to traverse uneven ground. I similarly deny to it the excavating and denuding power which has been attributed to it by those who claim it as the excavator of lakes and valleys, and I altogether question the legitimacy of arguments based upon a supposed physical capacity which cannot be tested by experiment, and which is entirely based upon hypothesis. This means that I utterly question the prime postulate of the glacial theory itself.”

We notice that although Sir H. Howorth offers a “widespread flood” in place of the Glacial Theory, he ignores and repudiates the Universal Flood of Holy Writ, and considers it “propriety to leave the Biblical account alone.” He quotes from Sedgwick’s Paraphrase of Bacon, “the impossible task of equating science and faith.” He says;—

“The Pleistocene Flood, though far from being universal, was certainly one of the most widespread catastrophes which the world has seen.” “The breaking up of the earth’s crust, of which the evidences seems to be overwhelming, necessarily caused great waves of translation to traverse wide continental areas, and these waves of translation as necessarily drowned the great beasts and their companions, including palaeolithic man, and covered them with continuous mantles of loam, clay, gravel and sand, as we find them drowned and covered.”

We tell Sir H. Howorth and the whole world of scientists that there is another Nightmare for them to face, in which there is no more truth than there is in the “Glacial Nightmare!” That Nightmare is the Globular Nightmare of Sir Isaac Newton! The world; were it a sea-earth-globe, spinning with seven-fold motion through “space,” never could have been flooded; no, not even to the extent required by the theory of Sir H. Howorth! Where did the water come from? Where did it go to? If the water came in the form of rain, how did it overcome the frictional resistance of the revolving atmosphere ?

There is no theory extant that has had, and is having, so mischievous an effect upon Natural Science as the Globular Nightmare. It is the fundamental error of all errors in existence, hence the present system of “educating the masses” by “University Extension” schemes, tendeth but to make the nation a nation of rabid infidels.

The science of Geology is but the outcome of the Globular Nightmare, or. Sir H. Howorth could not have spoken of “the breaking up of the crust of the earth.” It it sad to see those who once were ardent advocates of “a vast and universal Flood” cringing before the geological idol of supposition, and pleading on its behalf for “a greater latitude of interpretation of Scripture,” or, “ some modification,” or, “ a little concession on the part of literal interpreters.” We remember that it is written in the Scriptures of Truth, “ he that believeth not God, makes Him a liar.” Until Geology, Astronomy or Evolution, can be produce some distinct and conclusive proof of truthfulness; and by consequence, unmistakable and irrefutable evidence against the Mosaic Cosmogony, we shall testify against their systematic theories as vain jibberish of so-called scientists.

Take heed what you hear.


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