The Inconsistency of Limitless Space

The Inconsistency of Limitless Space

   A rational conception of the physical or organic form of the universe cannot be entertained in any logical mind consistent with any idea of the earth as a rotating globe. That which destroys conception of the centre and circumference of the universe also destroys the idea of its form— the assumption that space is eternal and illimitable prevents any conclusion that the cosmos or world of existence, has any centre, for how could a centre be conceived in a universe whose circumference infinite space! The principles of modern astronomy are thus suicidal— the hypothesis demands the action of tangential and centripetal forces to hold worlds in position— and this “law” of the two potential forces, logically analysed, refutes the system and destroys its claims.

If one sphere acquires the actions of these two forces upon it, there is no logic which does not lead to the conclusion that all spheres require them— it demands that the moon revolve around the earth, the earth around the sun, the sun around a larger and another sun, and that, in turn, another, and so on ad, infinitum with an eternity of geometrical progression, through a universe without a centre, without form, and consequently without existence, for how can there be existence without the two essential factors of form— centre and circumference ? But the idea of boundless space is a product of the astronomer’s mind— he reaches this conclusion by assuming the convexity of the earth’s surface, and thus loses himself, his science, and his reason in a whirling mass of worlds in a fathomless abyss of space— and agnosticism!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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