European-Japanese Flight to Mercury

European-Japanese Flight to Mercury

The BepiColombo Mission Fraud

  As you may have heard recently there is a planned satellite flight to Mercury by the European-Japanese space agencies. This is due to take place in 15 months. This is a continuing con of the public that there is actually flights to other planets. So, let’s take a look at Mercury.

We are told that Mercury is the closest to the sun and that the temperature reaches +400C and goes as low as -180C So, with these figures in mind, let’s take a closer look. The BBC article said that at these temperatures zinc and tin will melt but other metals won’t. Fine, but it goes much deeper than that. In fact, RT News says it’s like a flight into a pizza oven.

How can a satellite made out of other metals perform in such temperatures? Sure, there are many metals that melt a higher temperature but that is not the concern. How can there be insulation that would stop the tremendous heat from affecting the electrical circuitry? How and lubricants be protected? How can transistors be protected? The space agencies hope you don’t ask such questions. And, unfortunately, very few people ask in the first place.

We are told that there will be communication from the satellites, (there will be two of them on this mission), sent back to earth; that photos will be taken. This is not to mention the other delicate sensing equipment that will be checking the surface of the planet, such as volcanic eruptions.

  The surface of the Mercury satellite might be made out of titanium but what about protecting the inside from heat? Of course, titanium will not be used. If they say that it will, then how do they account for the tremendous weight? We can talk on 100 ways of why it’s impossible to send satellites into space. The first obstacle is the firmament or dome that seals in the earth. All other talk of space travel is mere fantasy.

Here is a challenge you can throw out to those who believe we can send a satellite to another planet and that is: let’s see a test right on earth in front of the public. This test will have the satellite in question in a room that can have the temperatures go from a low of -180C to +400C. Then, let’s see how it can do all the things that we are told it can do. This should not be too hard. After all, all tests have to be done on earth in the first place in order to prove that it works; tests in a lab has to be done so engineers know how to correct the design and make modifcations. So, why not for the public?

  The next time you hear your friend talk about some satellite going to a planet, and he says how amazing it is, you can answer back in a way that would say nothing of the flat earth. Just ask some simple questions such as:

How is it that the oil doesn’t break down in tremendous heat?

How is it that the oil doesn’t freeze in such tremendous cold?

How can they make insulation so good that it’s not effected?

If such insulation is so good, why isn’t it on the market?

How can a signal be sent millions miles and we get such good pictures when we can’t get a cell phone signal when we’re out in the country (although we have satellites supposedly being able to beam any place on earth)?

This should make a person think, IF they have any curiosity at all. You should be able to think of even more questions to make your globe earth friend doubt what he is being told. The aim is to make people doubt what they are told. Then, this might get them to think more before they agree with the newspapers and those in authority.

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