If the Foundations Be Wrong

If the Foundations Be Wrong

If the foundations be wrong, everything built on it will be wrong, too.

A friend sent us a book by Mr. Laing on “Modern Science and Modern Thought” and he wants to know what we think about it. We are sorry we cannot speak in praise of this work. Briefly, if modern “science,” and especially astronomy, were true this book would be the most telling attack on Bible Cosmogony we have every read. But the writer assumes the earth is a globe, evolved as the scientists teach, and now we know it is not, his premises being unsound, his conclusions are fallacious. But while Mr. Pember, Professor Drummond, or F. Hugh Capron, support the evolutionary and globular theory tey will never be able to cope successfully with so-called science. Instead of vainly trying to reconcile a false “Science” with the Bible, we ought to attack the Science, or at least to call it into question; for as Mr. Laing well says, “The two statements cannot both be true.” but he makes the illogical mistake, common to most writers who attack the Scriptures, of first assuming that “Science” is infallible, and then he innocently draws conclusions adverse to the Inspiration of the Holy Scripture. But he should first prove the globular theory true. Let him try.


Happy Dependence Day America!

Normally today, July 4, would be Independence Day in America, but we had lost that right many, many years ago. Instead of celebrating Americans should be repenting of all the freedoms they lost. When people think that we have blessing, when, in fact, we have curses for our disobedience to God’s laws, it shows how brainwashed the American public is. Now, we are dependent on Big Brother for everything rather than living on the promises that God gave us.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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