The Shape Of The Lamps Do Not Dictate The Shape Of The Room

The Shape Of The Lamps Do Not Dictate The Shape Of The Room

  Astronomers say that because the sun, moon, and planets are globular, therefore the Earth must be globular; but they may as well say that,as the lamps in the room in which the meeting was being held were globular, therefore the room itself was globular. There was nothing to show that the Earth is one of the heavenly bodies, or that any of those heavenly bodies are “worlds.” The words in Hebrews i. 2, and xi. 3, translated “ the worlds,” are totis aioias (the ages), whereas in Hebrews i. 6, the terms, translated “ the world,” differ and signify’ “ the inhabited earth.”

It is deception of the worst kind to say that the Earth is one of the heavenly bodies; but God has divided light from darkness, and day from night, by means of the heavenly bodies. Modern pseudo science annuls the Word of God, and no wonder the agnostic asks: “What have you got to say for your Bible, and in defence of its veracity?”

The Copernican professing Christian finds the question to be quite unanswerable, and to such an one the Bible ceases to be “ The Bedrock of Truth.” We on the other hand take our stand upon the Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture.

Present-day scientists, who adopted the anti-biblical theory of the world being a globe, had kept altering the distance of the sun from the Earth from hundreds to millions of miles, whilst accepting the theory that we are rushing through space at the awful rate of about 63,000 miles an hour. The Church of Rome has shown herself up, because if it be true that she never alters—being semper eadeni (always the same)—why did she persecute Galileo for saying that the Earth moves, and that very Church now accepts the teaching that the Earth is rushing through space at the rate of over 1,000 miles a minute? If that Church was right in the beginning she was wrong now. The ancient Catholic Church evidently believed in the Mosaic account of Creation; but she has departed from primitive teaching and gone so far as to render the Word of God of no effect, doing away with the Sabbath as a memorial of the Creation, “May the Lord help us, and lead us into all truth!”

When scientists say that the moon and the sun is round and says this is proof that the earth is round is like saying, “Because the lamps are round, the room that they shine in is round, too,” is utter nonsense; the shape of one has nothing to do with the shape of the other!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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