Seeing With The Eyes and a Telescope

Seeing With The Eyes and a Telescope


  The surface of all water, when not agitated by natural causes, such as winds, tides, earthquakes, etc., is perfectly level. The sense of sight proves this to every unprejudiced and reasonable mind. Can any so-called scientist, who teaches that the Earth is a whirling globe, take a heap of liquid water, whirl it round, and so make rotundity ? He cannot. Therefore it is utterly impossible to prove that an Ocean is a whirling rotund section of a globular earth, rushing through “ space” at the lying-given-rate of false philosophers.

When a youth, I stood upon the Dover shore of the English Channel, and was told to watch a departing ship. “ See! There she goes; down, down, down! The hull has disappeared! She is out of sight! Now, my boy, you have had an ocular demonstration that the world is round (meaning globular in shape) AND SEEING IS BELIEVING.” I walked up to an “ old salt” who had a telescope, and said: “ Can you see that big ship through your glass that’s gone down the Channel, and is now out’ of sight?” “ Yes, my son, look!” The big ship immediately came into view again, as I peered through the old sailor’s glass! “ Why my —– told me the Earth was round, because that ship I can now see had turned down over the horizon!’ Aha! Aha!”

“Sonny, I know they all says it ! Now, I have been all over the world, but I never believed it. But, then, I have no learning, only my senses to rely upon, and I says SEEING IS BELIEVING.”

I now, after many years, endorse the old sailor’s experience, that the world is not a globe, and I have never found the man who could prove by any practical demonstration that he, or I, are living on a whirling ball of Earth and water! How is it that the atmosphere goes round with it? By what law does the dense Earth and the rare air rush around together? Declare, ye scientists, IF YOU KNOW! The Scriptures of God’s inspired Prophets contradicts the unreasonable, illogical, unscientific delusion, and false philosophy, that the fixed Earth is a hollow fireball with several motions !

There is an old adage, by which you can fix them,
There is not one lie true, no, not if you pick them.



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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