Musings 31 May 2017

Musings 31 May 2017

This is a collection of thoughts over the past week.

A lot of crazy things have been going on with regards to the bombing in Manchester Arena. Of course, if you are living in another country, you might not have much coverage. So, I’ll write about what is being said in English newspapers.

Of course, you probably know that any time there is a bombing or terrorist attack, the government makes use of it to pass more laws or at least try to. With the Manchester, England bombing, this is no exception.

Case in point: Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, wants 10,000 more policeman (we’ve all heard that before). This is a case of using a tragic event to turn the already existing police state into more of a police state. Hasn’t the government been adding more and more police over the past decades to deal with crime and terrorism? Look at what we have – more of the same!

Peace Sign

There was a demonstration where one person was carrying a sign that said, “We love everyone and hate no one.” Some people think that is so Christian but it is not. Nowhere in the Bible do we read (as in the context of the Manchester bombing event) that we are to love everyone. If that was true, why didn’t Samson love the Philistines instead of killing 1,000 of them? Why didn’t little David love Goliath? He didn’t. And we shouldn’t either. Think of it, if you were a terrorist, wouldn’t you want the people to love you despite what you had done? Of course you would. Muslims must think how stupid we are; even how stupid the government is for allowing them in the country AND providing benefits for them.

Racism and Extremism

We read, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, that this is caused by “racism and extremism”. Oh, really? Racists did not do it; they did not do other recent bombings. They guy who murdered the innocent people was of a mixed race. But the point is, that this “racism and extremism” is always brought out – whether it was some shooting in a Colorado theatre, a lorry running down people, or the recent one in Manchester Arena. These events are used to really go after White Christian Patriots and no one else. It is these people that are called “extremist” and it is these people that the antichrists would like to have locked up.

Reading the Bible there are many, many cases of “extremism”. If you die for what you believe in, isn’t that extremism? Christ died for what he believed in. So did the apostles, so did the prophets of old. But the water-downed Christian believe that they should not be extreme in their Christian belief.

All of these bombings and other types of killings – both real and staged – is to go after the people who really know their Bible. For these people know that we should have God’s laws as the laws of the land and when we do, it would put a lot of people who make money off the suffering others go out of business; that suffering is disease and war. Don’t these people know that money can be made off of health, prosperity and peace? In the end, the antichrists – and you know who I mean – would be out of business, as other businesses would take their place.

Trump and Merkel

Donald Trump said the other day to Angela Merkel that there is an unfair trade balance between the two countries. Why is Trump complaining? Doesn’t he know the reason why Germany has a balance surplus with the U.S.? Trump should have been told that if America made better quality cars there would not be as many purchases of German cars.

What Trump doesn’t realise is that there is a German car manufacture in America. What he should do is, encourage American car manufactures to make better cars and to try to get more German car manufactures to make cars in America. This is the correct way to go about it.

Military Trade Deal with Saudi Arabia

You have probably heard that there was the world’s largest military trade deal with Saudi Arabia of $350 billion. This is NOT good news but to Trump it probably is. What does this mean? It means more war that will be going on somewhere around the world; it means that the American economy will continue on a war economy and not a peace economy. People think that you can only have a good economy based on war and not peace. Such is not so. Look at early America when we were not in a war? It was prosperous for everyone, AND no one had to suffer and die and no homes were blown up in the process.

There is a right way to make money and a wrong way. It’s time we start making money the right way – the Christian way.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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