NASA and Weird Science

NASA and Weird Science

There is new website up that is called Weird Science News and is about science that is simply weird, according to the owner, Mike Adams. Well the website should be called ‘Junk Science’ as it has an article that Adams says: – Covers strange, bizarre stories from the world of science. Some of these stories are intriguing and other are just plain strange. Did you know, for example, that there’s a giant hexagon on Saturn that’s larger than planet Earth? (It’s true: NASA just returned new pictures from space…)

Notice, he said, “It’s true.” This shows how people can be fooled; really, a hexagon on the planet! Looking at the picture above – like just about all pictures of “planets,” – that it looks like it’s made by a potter working with clay; notice the resemblance. The colors are in a swirl and of a uniform tan color. Even the “rings” are of the same color. Then, compare that to some earlier pictures and notice how the colors are different. You can say this for just about any planet and not just for Saturn. When you have someone who believes in planets, ask them how can colors remain the same in a uniform stretch around a planet. Also, ask them is that color in the soil or atmosphere. In either case, this is not nature.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released new images of the mysterious hexagonal-shaped cloud pattern circling Saturn’s north pole.

You can read more of it here:

By the way, as your globe earth friend how fragile antennas can withstand the tremendous speed flying through space; and, who took the beautiful picture?


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