Kim Jong-un So Called 2,000k Missile Test

Kim Jong-un So Called 2,000k Missile Test

Recently we heard of Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea, tested a missile that we were told went 2,000 kilometres high. We, flat earth believers, know that man has never reached an altitude of 2,000k. This so-called flight of North Korea’s missile is a lie. It might really have been launched but it did not go to the altitude we were told.

Readers of this website know that there is not enough atmosphere to push off from. A video posed somewhere here explains that; you can’t fly in a vacuum or even a partial vacuum. When we see rocket launches we can see that the rockets make a parabolic curve and heads out over the Atlantic Ocean. If a rocket even went up to 400k (the altitude of the so-called International Space Station), why would it arch at a must less altitude and parallel the earth? It would still keep a vertical flight until it was out of sight; rockets going that high or higher would be going straight up until it was out of sight THEN it would enter orbit and circle the earth. But this is not what we see.

Kim Jong-un rocket was more like 2,000 METRES up and not KILMATRES up!

Talking about North Korea’s rocket launches, remember when Trump said that the next time Kim Jong-un tests a rocket America would go to war. Well, it exploded on launch. We had read some reports that it was destroyed by some ‘particle beam’ weapon. Now, this could be true, as the US military has many secrets some of which are weapons that are far beyond what we have now and that they are used in times like this. If this is true, it looks like it did not work this time around. Anyhow, Donald Trump said that there would be war if Kim Jong-un launched another missile. Well he did. Donald Trump did not declare war. Could it be, and this is just my thought on the subject, that someone high up in the military disobeyed his command? Could it be that some level-headed person knew it would start WWII? I don’t know, but it’s just a thought.

Finally, when people say “What difference does it make if the earth is flat or round,” I say it makes a lot of difference. By knowing that the earth is flat and knowing the related truths that go with it, flat earth believers – like us – can see through the lies of the media and government; and this recent news article is one of them. Flat earthers can see though lies such as:

That we went to the moon

That we sent satellites to Mars

That earth might be hit by a giant asteroid

In short, we don’t have the fear that many other people do.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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