The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 16

The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 16

From the booklet: The Sea-Earth Globe and its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions: or Modern Theoretical Astronomy


Note: Punctuation and grammar is as in the original.


If you have not got an ordinary sundial, fix in your garden an upright pole or rod with a ball on the top of it ; say in England, or in any country with good north latitude, and at the time of the vernal equinox. Then from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. peg out the positions of the shadows of that ball every quarter of an hour, and draw a line along the pegs ; you will find it makes a great curve, about half of an ellipse with the longer diameter, as in the inset north. If your rod was at the north pole, the shadow would make a semicircle.

At sunrise the light circling round casts the shadow of the pole at 0 towards r ; and as the sun works round to the south of your dial the shadow of the pole will go northwards towards t. Similarly when the sun works round to the west, the shadow gradually curves round to n in the east. When living in London many years ago, I frequently tried this experiment in my back garden, as also a similar one on the flat housetop with a shorter rod or stylus.

Now if the moving daylight has been caused by the rotation of the earth, the shadows of that ball in the garden, or of the knob of the shorter upright stick on the housetop, would have fallen in a straight line. Test the truth of this b y an experiment with an orange, or a larger ball, in a dark room illuminated by one lamp. Place an upright stylus near the centre of a flat and stationary table, and carefully carry the light half-way round. You will get the sundial curve. Then fix a match in the orange, and place the light in the centre of the stationary table, and squarely rotate the orange. If you do so honestly and properly, you will get a short straight line, according to the proportions of your experiment.

Thus the sun-dial, the shadows of our lamp-posts in the city squares, and the shadows of our tall trees in the city parks, all testify, often daily, to the great fact that we are living on a plane and stable earth, with the hight of heaven daily revolving around. Truly “ the heavens declare the glory of God ; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork : day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.” (Psa. xix. 1, 2).

Yet, as it was of old, the wise men, the magicians, and the star-gazers, cannot read the writing on the wall! It was left for an humble captive of the King to come forth and give them the true explanation. Therefore to “ the only wise God,” the God of Daniel, and the Father of our Lord Jesus the Anointed be all the praise and glory. Amen.


Necessarily imperfect, but shewing the relative positions of its three great divisions ; “Heaven above, earth (land) beneath, and water under the earth.”— Second Commandment, Ex. xx. 4).

fig 26


A— the first heaven, where God’s throne is, with waters above the firmament. B— the Firmament, or second heaven, a strong structure supporting the waters above it. (Job xxxvii. 18). C— the roof of the Unseen (Hades) or Under-World, forming the third heaven, where Paradise is at present concealed awaiting our Lord’s return. (Compare Luke xxiii. 42, 43. with Matt. xii. 40). Tehom, the abyss. (Isa. Ixi. I ; I. Pet. iii. 19 ; Jude vi. ; and Rev. ix. 11 and xx. 1-3)


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