The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 15

The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 15

From the booklet: The Sea-Earth Globe and its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions: or Modern Theoretical Astronomy


Note: Punctuation and grammar is as in the original.


F ig . 25

Zetetics own much to a London medical gentleman, who list century, under the nom de plume of “Parallax,” revived the zetetic cause by his able writings and powerful lectures. But it is seldom given to pioneers to dig out all the truths they unearth. Hence, early zetetics only acknowledged one pole, no evidence of a south pole having then been actually discovered by Antarctic explorers. It was left for “ Zetetes ” principally to carry on the war, and to be the first zetetic to acknowledge the proved existence of two so-called “ poles.” This he did many years ago in various articles published in a book entitled Zetetic Astronomy, now sold out of stock ; and also in lectures in different parts of the country, and in public debates. He was the first editor of The Earth— not a— Globe Review.

At the same time it was shewn that these so-called “ poles ” are not the two termini of the earth’s imaginary axis ; but rather the north and south centres of solar and stellar celestial motion. Stars with north declination revolve daily around a central star in the north called “ Polaris,” and stars with south declination around a southern centre near Sigma Oct antis.

An objector in N.Z. sent the writer some photographs he had taken, shewing what he called “ Star Trails ” around a southern centre, and which he wanted me to believe were globe trails, or trails caused by the rotation of the earth !

I accepted the photos as honest and genuine proofs of southern star motion ; but I insisted on the title the photographer himself had given them : they were “ star trails ” and nothing more. In fact the rotation of the globe would have produced different lines, especially of those stars passing directly over the latitude of the photographer. So that when properly understood, they were against the globular theory, and not a proof of it.

The fixed stars are so called, because, except for very long periods, they do not appreciably alter their relative positions ; and they are mere points of light, so small that the most powerful telescopes cannot magnify them into discs. Yet they are supposed to be suns of immense size, removed by the astronomers to immeasurable distances away from us, for the credit and convenience of their theories— yet not so far but that they profess to be able to find a parallax for many of them. The star Alpha Centauri is said to be one of the nearest to us, and it has been given a parallax of o” 75.

But if it were a sun of such a size, even though it were many times farther off than it is said to be, it would shew in the Lick telescope a distinct disc of at least half a second ; so that the contention of Sir A. R. Wallace is here justified “ The fact that there are no stars with visible discs proves that there are no suns of the required size.”— Fortnightly Review.

But the sun, moon, and planets have discs or faces of various sizes, some very small ; and they wander from the north circuit to the south, and vice versa, according to their seasons and times. Thus the sun daily revolves around the north centre for six months, then it crosses into the south circuit for six months. Thus its height, as the Psalmist long since told us, reaches from one end of heaven to the other. (Psa. Xix. 6).

The question has been asked, If the sun crosses from the northern circuit to the southern, how is it so little difference is observable in its positions ? The above diagram (Fig. 25) will help the student to understand this more intricate part of the subject ; but we must remember that there is a great difference between the motions of the solar orb, and the motions of light which proceed in every direction away from it. The motions of the celestial bodies we have already explained in connection with Fig. 22 ; and we have also shewn that the equator is a broad belt of vertical rays, and not a mere “ imaginary line.”

We will refer to Fig. 25. At the vernal equinox the sun is at E in the morning at 6 a.m. Its light travelling round with the etherial currents, is seen at the same moment by an observer at A. Now an observer always sees an object in the direction of the rays entering the eye ; and the curve of about 6,000 miles from E to A is so great, that for the last few miles the rays seem to come to A in a straight line in the direction from H. Hence he sees the sun’s image rise “ due east,” not north-east, proving that light travels in great curves.

In the same way observers at a, and at M, see their different sun images at I and at T ; but it is self-evident that the orb of the sun itself cannot be in these various positions at one and the same time. Six hours later the sun itself arrives from E to A, and it may happen that then its swirl outwards from N drives it into the southern current, and it goes round with that current in the direction of the arrow until it arrives at p, when its light, preceding it in a great curve, the sun’s image is again seen at H from A.

It then goes round with the southern currents, daily, contracting its circle in a fine spiral until it arrives at 231 S. when, having lost its further southern tendency or swirl, electrical and magnetic forces, doubtless under intelligent supervision, drive it again northwards. Similar explanations apply to the moon, and to the planets, but with different periods, owing to their different altitudes, as already explained in a former article.


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