The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 11

The Importance of Perspective In Understanding the Flat Earth Model, part 11

From the booklet: The Sea-Earth Globe and its Monstrous Hypothetical Motions: or Modern Theoretical Astronomy


Note: Punctuation and grammar is as in the original.


The various branches of Truth are connected, so that if we find one important branch we can be led on to another; and similarly if we break off one branch we injure all. Compare Rom. Ii 20 and James ii. 10.

The question now arises, If the sun keeps at the same general height in its journey over the plane earth, why does it appear to go down and set? The student should again read the article on “Perspective, true and false,” and note especially rule 5 there given. A balloon sailing away high above an observer appears to descend as it recedes, although retaining the same altitude.

Referring to the above Fig. 22, an observer sitting inside a greenhouse, or conservatory, with a curved glass window, will see phenomena something like what is there depicted.

A represents the position of the observer, C the sun’s position at XII, noon, and the line C F the “elevation” of about one-fourth of its daily path. At 1-30 p.m. the sun arrives at D, making the angle d A B an angle of about 58° with the base line, already proved to be level.

At III. p.m. The sun arrives at E, making the angle 2 A B of 38°, or a descent from C of about 52°. at VI. p.m. The sun arrives at F, a distance from C of nearly three times its height, and the angle of its rays drops to about 22°, and sometimes to only 18°.

Thus the fact is made clear, that even by perspective alone the sun seems to drop almost to the horizon, while remaining at the same height. If the sun were a non-luminous body it would disappear sooner, as a balloon disappears. There are details which we cannot here stop to consider, such as variations in the time of sunset caused by alterations in its declination. The speed of the sun itself varies, hence we find a good clock sometimes aid to be “fast” and sometimes “slow,” according to the time of the year and the size of the sun’s circle over the earth. These are points which can be studied with the aid of a good astronomical almanac or ephemeris. But I may briefly intimate the general Law of Motion for celestial bodies.

As far back as the year 100 I published these Laws of Motion, which are much simpler than those of Kepler, which later astronomers have spoiled, as shewn in a previous article, and which we have altogether exploded.

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